Loganberry Curated Reads is a book subscription service that sends you, a friend, or a relative a book each month. Loganberry is a new, used & rare bookstore, which means choices range from new paperbacks to timeless treasures. Celebrate your birthday every month, or let a distant friend or relative be reminded of you each month.

Yes. Books arrive wrapped in pretty paper with a ribbon and Loganberry sticker. Even the toddlers in the club have learned to recognize the packaging and get excited about opening their new book. There are announcement cards for gift memberships, and your gift is shipped directly to the recipient, while the invoices are sent directly to you.

There are three levels of membership corresponding with three price levels: Book Lover's Guild, Bookworm Society, and Reader's Club. Obviously a new hardback book costs more than a used paperback, and out-of-print vintage books are sometimes the most desired of all. These different memberships reflect the differences in these prices. See the Curated Reads page for detailed descriptions and examples of these three club levels.

Of course not. The titles listed on the webpage are suggestions, recommendations, and examples. Tell us what sort of books and activities you or the gift recipient enjoy and let us cater to those interests based on the books we have available at the time. For example, you may tell us you want Classic Picture Books for your granddaughter except for Virginia Lee Burton and Robert McCloskey titles (because she has those already). Or you might let us know that your brother is an amateur Civil War buff and plays the cello. Once we know a bit about the recipient, we'll be better able to pick books she or he will like.

No! All of our books are respectable copies, free of dirt, grime, mildew, or binding problems. Loganberry simply does not deal in falling-apart books. Used books are in Very Good condition (for more information on the standard language used in describing used books, please refer to our explanation of condition grades.) The higher level of membership, the better the book value. Of course, if economy vintage is of interest to you, we can cater to those goals, too.

New paperbacks are available in Reader's Club, and new hardbacks are available in Bookworm Society and Book Lover's Guild. If you want only new books, just let us know.

Return it for a new selection. If you've already read it, already own it, simply hate that author, or whatever, just return it. Notice of your intention to return the book is appreciated within the first 10 days so that we can find a more appropriate selection for you.

Yes, but all requests pend cost and availability. We will try our darnedest to meet your requests, but please understand that a most-requested out-of-print book like Caroline and Her Friends, which usually sells for over $100, cannot be sent as a $12 book club selection.

They're all customized! Just let us know your or the recipient's interests. Each membership is designed to suit each reader, from newborn to retired. Given a theme or genre, we can create a group of books to match your reading interests and idiosyncrasies: young adult horse books for your niece, feminist mysteries for your old college roommate, or esoteric travel books for your mother. Name your preference, or mix and match!

Books are sent via USPS Media Mail. Media Mail has proven very reliable and is very inexpensive, keeping your costs down. Delivery time varies, but usually it takes 5-10 days. We ship the books during the last week of each month, so look for delivery in the first week of the following month.

Yes. That doesn't mean that shipping is free really, what it means is it is included in the membership fee. We typically figure in $5 for shipping and handling for US members.  For instance, a book in Bookworm Society would be a $21 book here on the shelf at Loganberry, plus $5 for shipping, for the total $26 that you pay. Sometimes we send a slightly more expensive book one month ('cause it has your name all over it), and compensate with a slightly less expensive book the following month.

For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, please add $3 per month for extra shipping costs. For Canada, please add $14 per month.  For other countries, please let us research the appropriate shipping expense. Most places have a Global Priority Mail option for $12-$20. Remember you can choose surface mail (slow boat), which is relatively inexpensive and takes about a month to arrive, which still means receiving a book regularly every month, just delayed a month from the initial order time.

We accept payment by check, money order, PayPal, or credit card. You can pay quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, as you choose. Of course, payment in full makes our job easier and assures that there will be no interruption in delivery. Questions welcomed: julie@logan.com or 216-795-9800.

Yes. If for any reason a book is unsatisfactory (condition, content, or even if you've already read it), you may return it within ten (10) days and we will send you another choice. Prior notification of intent to return a book is requested. How can you lose?

If you must cancel, just let us know.

Just submit the signup form to let us know what you want. Send your payment for the appropriate amount and we'll send the first book after we receive your payment. Unlike other book clubs, we don't bombard you with mail. Just think: a birthday present that keeps on giving every month of the year! Have fun, and keep reading.