Are you an author? Congratulations! It's hard work to write a book. The hardest part, however, might be getting the book into the hands of readers. That's where we can help.

Loganberry Books plays an active role in our community, and we are committed literary ambassadors. In response to the growing number of self-published authors seeking shelf space at Loganberry Books, we have outlined a few different ways to highlight your book so it reaches its intended audience. Choose the marketing co-op plan that best fits your needs.


  • Books must be approved by Loganberry Books' Local Voices Manager.
  • Books must be professionally bound and ISBN-registered.
  • All books sold on a 60/40 commission split in favor of the Author.
  • Events must be scheduled at least 2 months in advance.
  • Author must actively market their book event at Loganberry Books and include Loganberry Books' contact info on all marketing materials, including postcards, website, and social media.


Displayed in the Local Author Section
Books will be sold under a Consignment Agreement with 60/40 terms in favor of the author. Beginning with 6 copies of your book, Loganberry Books will create a display in the Local Author section for a minimum of 90 days, to be replenished as necessary. Loganberry Books will reconcile inventory levels and payments quarterly. The Consignment Agreement is renewable, or unsold merchandise can be picked up within 30 days of expiration. Books not picked up will be donated or discarded.

Admin Fee - $25

Book Signing

Store Display & Book Signing
The same consignment agreement as outlined above, with a scheduled two-hour book signing at Loganberry Books. Events are co-marketed by the Author and Loganberry Books. The event will be listed on the Loganberry Books website and included in our e-newsletter, which is emailed to over 4,000 customers. A checkout counter display will be created 1 week prior to the signing, including promotional handouts if provided by the Author. The book signing event is two hours and will be held during Loganberry's regular business hours in the front of the store. The Author will be provided a table and space to meet and greet customers. Loganberry's staff will be engaged in selling the book along with the author.

Admin Fee - $50

Book Launch

Store Display, Book Signing & Reception
A great way to launch a new book, this option includes the same consignment and co-marketing agreement, with a 2 hour reception event. The reception can include an introduction, a talk about the book, a reading excerpt, and questions from the audience. Loganberry Books will set up chairs to accommodate 30-60 people in the LitArts room (standing room is also available). The Author will work with the Local Voices manager to find the best suitable time to schedule the event.

This format allows ample time to mingle with attendees and sign books, and to enjoy light snacks and refreshments. Loganberry Books can provide cheese & crackers and basic drinks, or the Author can choose to have the event catered, following Loganberry guidelines. Further personalization of the event is also permissible, with approved menus, d├ęcor, or other activity plans.

Admin Fee - $150