About the Author

I don't know anything about Georgiana, but I did find several titles by her, in addition to the sought-after Dr. Goat. Like Dr. Goat, they are all Whitman Tell-a-Tales, afforable little books published in the 1950s that Whitman hoped would rival Little Golden Books.

Loganberry Legacy

I have so many requests for Dr. Goat, it's silly. Part of the reason it's so hard to find is because it was a cheap book to begin with, which children were allowed to destroy and which parents threw out remorselessly. But it's out there, if you're patient.



  • Animal Crackers. Illustrated by Jackie Peller. Whitman, 1950. Tell-A-Tale #837-15
  • Animal Jingles. Whitman, 1950.
  • Dr. Goat. Illustrated by Charles Clement. Whitman, 1950. Tell-A-Tale Book #841-15
  • Hullabaloo. Illustrated by Nettie Weber. Whitman, 1951. Tell-A-Tale #815-15
  • Let's Play. Whitman Publishing, 1952. Tell-A-Tale #2601
  • Puffy. Illustrated by Genevieve Porter. Whitman, 1953. Tell-A-Tale #2546
  • Teddy's Surprise. Illustrated by Suzanne. Whitman, 1952. Top Top Tales, #2467
  • That Donkey. Illus Dorothy Grider. Whitman, 1954.