Are you a Professional Reader? Do you write a blog about books? Work for a Not-for-Profit such as a school, library, neighborhood, civic, or educational organization? If this sounds like you then you may be eligible for our Loganberry Perks, Professional account.

We know you have choices for purchasing books. And, mostly, that’s a good thing. But you know how important your community is to your line of work, and we’re a part of that, too. So here’s another good reason to buy local, and a Perks, Professional membership card full of special powers that will further your purchasing powers so you can do more good work in your role as a Professional Reader.


A Professional Reader is someone whose profession revolves around and depends upon books. We’ve got you covered! Join the ranks of the Perks, Pro membership to keep the tools you need at your beck and call, and at a discount. Plus, there are other benefits too. Read on.


A Professional account offers 10% off on all purchases at Loganberry Books, all year round. We know that sometimes tchotchkes are useful for school prizes or thank-you cards are needed for the library, so these items are included in the discount program. Discounts are non-transferrable and non-cumulative (that is, highest discount prevails). We trust that your personal purchases are made with your regular Loganberry Perks account.

Bulk Orders

We are happy to work with you on any bulk orders, new or out-of-print. We define bulk orders as 10 or more of a single title, and depending on quantity and availability, we may be able to offer higher discounts on these purchases. Allow us to quote.

ID Cards

While the I.D. card is not necessary for regular Perks members, it is necessary for Perks, Pro. Please present your card at checkout.



Your business may require a reading list for its members or participants, and we’d be happy to supply the book at a bulk rate to your organization, or at a discount directly to the customer. Please let us know more about quantities and titles, and allow us to do the legwork of procurement and sales.

Page Turner Fundraising

Loganberry Books can help you earn money for your non-profit organization! Page Turner Fundraising events take place during a designated time period and use vouchers to dedicate a percentage of sales for your organization. Please ask for more details.

Off-Site Sales

Perhaps you have an author coming to speak to your organization, or a suggested reading list for a panel discussion? Loganberry Books can come to your event site and set up a bookselling booth. A percentage of sales can be donated to your organization, or the discount can be passed directly along to the customer, your choice.


Looking for a place to hold your next business event? Loganberry Books might be just the right space for that meeting, party, symposium or other event. As a Loganberry Perks, Professional member you are eligible for a discount on our rental rates. Rental rates are subject to type of event, please contact the Store Manager for help with planning.

Details of Perks/Professionals subject to change.