Our Perks Program is a free, easy-to-use thank you for our loyal customers. Simply put, for every $100 you spend on books (before taxes), we give you a $10 coupon that is good for a year. There are other perks, too. See below for the full list.

Loganberry Books. In Greek letters, λβ, it stands for Life and Breath. We think about books like this. We also think about our regular customers like this. We want to welcome you into the fellowship, the family, of Loganberry Books.

We know you have choices for purchasing books. And, mostly, that’s a good thing. But we want you to know how much we appreciate your support and how important your spending dollars are to your local  community. So here’s another good reason to buy books at Loganberry Books: a Perks membership card full of special powers you’ll want to call your own.

Loganberry Perks

Purchasing Points

To encourage your book habit, we will reward you for each book purchase. For every $100 spent on books, you will earn a 10% gift coupon toward a future book purchase. You must have your physical coupon in hand, and discounts are non-transferrable and non-cumulative (that is, highest discount prevails).


Otis wants to know what books you love! You may contribute book recommendation blog entries to our website, and we’ll have a customer’s pick shelf in the store that we invite you to use. If we don’t have the book in stock, please let us know, and we’ll get it!

Birthday Bonus

Happy Birthday! Register your birthday with us, and we’ll send you a birthday card with a coupon, valid during your birthday month.

Sell your Books

Loganberry has purchased books from our customers since we opened in 1994, offering both a cash amount or 20% more in store credit. Now you can rack up even more points with the Bought-It-Here-Sold-It-Here program: Books purchased with your Perks membership can be sold back to Loganberry for double the standard credit amount.

Stump the Bookseller

Are you familiar with our book sleuthing service? Designed specifically for lost childhood books, Stump the Bookseller is an online forum featuring descriptions of forgotten books where bibliophiles try to identify the author and title. With Perks, you are granted one free post.

Monthly Curated Book Club

Our Monthly Curated Book Club was established in 1995, and has sent books all over the world. There are three club levels, each catered individually to the reader. It makes an excellent gift, as it keeps on giving each month. Perks members are permitted 10% off one annual membership, paid in full.

Keep in the Loop

Our Facebook and Twitter pages have occasional special offerings, and our monthly e-newsletter will inform you of upcoming events. As a Perks member, there will be even more special treats, randomly distributed throughout the year. We can also offer password-protected wifi use in the store (some restrictions apply).

Perks Party

During the doldrums of winter, we’ll host a grand party for our Perks members with live music, raffles, and prizes!

Professional Readers

Professional Readers include educators, book reviewers, publishers, and librarians. If that sounds like you, register as a Professional. Details of Perks/Professionals subject to change.