Author Alley is one of Loganberry Books' signature annual events and a key part of our celebration of Local Voices. Every summer we feature a busy book-fair of local writers, signings, and readings.


Front window of Loganberry Books, decorated for Author Alley


This year we will be hosting Author Alley over the weekend of August 9-11, 2024!

We will be kicking off the weekend with a ticketed author reception on August 9th, followed by the book fair on August 10th and 11th.

August 9, 2024 6pm-8pm

August 10, 2024 12pm-4pm

August 11, 2024 12pm-4pm


Author Alley reception tickets are available online here. One ticket to the reception also includes a blind book by a local author, an Author Alley cap, or a Loganberry Books tote bag!


Applications are CLOSED for the 2024 season!


Please check back next Spring for the Author Alley 2025 application, or apply to our Local Voices program here.

Author Alley is intended to promote books published in the last 18 months. You may still apply if your book is older than that, but please be aware that authors with more recent publications will be given priority.

Illustrated Literature includes, but is not limited to: Picture books, Photo/Artist Monographs, Zines, Graphic Novels, & Comics.



AA Archive

2023 Author Alley participants:

Author Alley BIPOC showcase 6/10/2023

Breshea Anglen, Cliff Anthony, J.D. Belcher, Brittany Eaton, Emilia Rosa, Dominique KrystalDawn, Nicole D. Miller, Angela D. Newman, Zariah Banks, Ava Reiss


Author Alley Nonfiction & Poetry 7/8/2023

Monica Babcock, Gary Beckley, Charlotte Brown, Jamie Capuzza, Neil Carpathios, Kathy Ewing, Andratesha Fritzgerald, Abdul Sunni Ghani, Erica Glover, Fudail Griffin, Ben Gwin, Arnez Hardnick, Brandi Larson, Michael Loderstedt, Greggor Mattson, Hannah Pearl,  Elana Pitts, James Renner, Anthony Webb, Kevin Williams, Erika Wolf, Carlo Wolff


Author Alley Fiction 8/12/2023

Cliff Anthony,  Zariah Banks, Gary Beckley, J.D. Belcher, Armani Borden, Vivien Chien, Kate Church, David Allen Edmonds, Vanessa Frances, L.A. Harsh, Destiny Hawkins, L.B. Huckleberry, Gabrielle Jarrett, Jordan King, Dominique KrystalDawn, Ruth Emmie Lang, N. Lichells, Matt Marshall, Louis Thomas Masterson, A.X.  McMillan, Nick McPherson, Nicole D. Miller, R.J. Norgard, Victoria Perkins, Emilia Rosa, Julia Tvardovskaya, Vance Voyles, Mark Zimmerman


Author Alley Children's & Illustrated Lit. 9/9/2023

Marie Abron, Gloria G. Adams, Jamey Altizer, Mary Brown, Lori Colvin, Barbara Daigneau, Wendy Fedan, Laura Elizabeth Gray, S.R.D. Harris, Amber Hawthorne-Spratlen, Douglas Laubacher,  J.D. Lubinger, Tony Marini, Patty Merske, Lauren Persons, Ava Reiss, Cindy Rotvar, Greg Scheetz, Stephen Schneider, HerBrina Shepherd, Joseph Sieracki, Glenn Somodi, Cori Sykes


2022 Author Alley participants:

Author Alley BIPOC showcase 8/6/22: John Ballom, Luciana Black, Kyra Ann Dawkins, Latonya Fenderson-Warren, LaBena Fleming, Chelbi Graham, Nikki Gregory, Carmen Hall, Valencia Joy, Lady Poet, Donald King, Nicole D. Miller, Denise Monique, Elana Pitts, Ashley Scott, Kamatchi Devi Subramanian, Cori Sykes, Chante Thomas, Gabrielle Vaughn, RJ Voice, Mary Watson, Anthony Webb, James Wingo, JJ Winston, and Ticana Zhu.


The Broadsides & Ephemera Poetry Showcase 8/13/22: Megan Neville, Jeremy Jusek, Kevin Risner, Cat Russell, Ken Tomaro, and others.


Author Alley Fiction 8/13/22: Monica Babcock, MT Bass, JD Blackrose, Dan Chaon, Diane Ferri, Deborah Fleming, Jason Lady, Lori Lent, Holly Maholm, Anthony Miano, Clarke Owens, Frank Paino, Victoria Perkins, Molly Perry, Brian Petkash, Susan Petrone, Catherine Pomeroy, Halle Prenata, James Redwood, Emma Riva, Amy Rosenbluth, Megan Whalen Turner, Mary Turzillo, Abby Vandiver, and Laura Walter.


Author Alley Nonfiction 8/20/22: Melissa Crandall, Alison Duiker, Gary Dumm, Tameka Ellington, Na’Tasha Evans, Ashley Fedan, Liz Ferro, Deborah Fleming, Martin Gitlin, Rev Rachel Hollander, John Kavouras, William Keating, Judi Lifton, Scott Longert, JD Lubinger, Scott MacGregor, Robert Miltner, Clay Myatt, Dan Nathan, Alexi Panehal, Janie Reinart, Suzy Remer-Bednarski, Alex Shaland, Irene Shaland, Tricia Springstubb, Gary Webster, and Karly West.



 Author Alley 2022 Photo Collage