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Join us on Instagram to take part in our 2024 reading challenge!

One prompt per month.


March Prompt: Spring! Let's read #springbooks - Pick a book that screams all things birds, bees, and butterflies to you, whether because of the title, the topic, or even cover design!
February prompt:
January prompt: Start the year with something new! Read something in a genre (or sub-genre) you wouldn’t usually. #newyearnewgenre

Post as many books as you’d like each month— let us know what you like (and don’t). Tag us and use our hashtags — comment on and share other participants’ posts — look for your recommended books in store!

Enjoy surprises and some small prizes along the way!

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In 2022 we had a yearlong reading adventure! 

Win prizes! Read more, read deeper, read bigger, read wider. Read funnier, more fantastical, more factual! Challenge yourself to broaden your bookshelf and read boldly where you’ve never read before!

2022 Quarter 4 winners were drawn at the end of January 2023.


2022 Quarter 4 prompts! We have 20 new prompts to inspire you (and the possibility of reading more from Q1 & Q2). Use the prompts to broaden your bookshelf by choosing the ones that will challenge you to read genres or authors you don't usually read or to explore new places, times, and ideas. Start your spring reading adventure today!

You can begin any time. Sign up now. 


What is the Broaden Your Bookshelf Bonanza?

  • 20 Prompts per quarter. You choose the ones you like best! 
  • Set your own reading goals. Each book read and logged enters a raffle.
  • Quarterly prizes for active participants. Each reading log form submitted is an entry into the quarterly Broad Bookshelf raffle. (Look out for other prize categories as we go!) 
  • Grand Prize – a personally curated shelf’s worth of books (valued $220) tailored to your reading enthusiasms! – plus a prize for the Perks Club member who has bought the most books for the Bonanza  AND runner up prizes awarded in January 2023. 
  • Regular book challenge newsletter to cheer you on & inspire your next choices.
  • Special social media challenges, too. Tag us #broadenyourbookshelf on Instagram and Twitter.
  • An end-of-Bonanza party for all participants! (If we can gather safely.)

How to participate?

  • Sign up using this form, or come into the store.
  • Log your reading using this form, or come into the store. In your log entries, you can recommend books and tell us about your reading. We'll share your tips with other Broaden Your Bookshelf participants.
  • Post about your reading on social media! Take photos. Review books. Be sure to tag @Loganberrybooks #broadenyourbookshelf
  • Tell your friends and get them to play along too!

Quarter 4 Reading Prompts


  1. Read a book published in 1994 (the year Loganberry was founded!)
  2. Read a Banned Book
  3. Read a Horror Novel
  4. Read a Historical Fiction Novel
  5. Read a book on Religion
  6. Read a book on Philosophy
  7. Read a book with a one-word title
  8. Read a short story collection
  9. Read a book with a number in the title OR a book about numbers
  10. Read a book with your favorite color on the cover or in the title
  11. Read a book featuring an Otis (the retired feline founder of our seasonal Curiosity Shop)
  12. Read a holiday-themed book (any holiday from any time in the year)
  13. Read a book with winter vibes or aesthetic
  14. Read a book about animals
  15. Read a YA/Teen book
  16. Reread a book you read a long time ago
  17. Read the newest addition to your TBR
  18. Read a classic you’ve always been curious about
  19. Read a tome (more than 500 pages)
  20. Read a book about something you loved as a child
  21. And of course, you can read something from one of the previous prompt lists that you haven’t gotten to!

Log your Q4 reading here. Every book logged is an entry to win prizes at the end of January!


Sign up, read, log your reading, post about your reading.

Discover new books, new authors, new experiences, new ideas. Meet fellow readers near and far. Win prizes.