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Dorothy Kunhardt is a very influential American author of children's books designed to be read to small children. When most children's books were moralistic young adult novels, Kunhardt was writing books like Junket is Nice and Pat the Bunny with handwritten text, funny repetitious words, and things to touch and feel inside the books. She used “noble nonsense that, like Lear's, could be at once ridiculous and poignant” (Bader, 71).


Bader, Barbara. American Picture Books: From Noah's Ark to the Beast Within (Macmillan, 1976).

Loganberry Legacy

Junket is Nice is a hot item among collectors, but Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather ranks right up there with the Baby Boomer memories of kid books. Consequently, I have many requests for both and am always seeking these titles. The 2000 reprint of Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather has gone out of print, again. Alas.


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