About the Author

(1867-1939) Born into Victorian London, Arthur Rackham is most recognized for the ethereal fantasy illustrations he did for both children’s and adult classics of literature and folklore. He worked his way to success, first supporting himself as a clerk while attending the Lambeth School of Art, then finding his way into advertising until he was able to devote all his time to book illustration. The works for which he is most known, such as RIP VAN WINKLE and PETER PAN, were executed around the turn of the century and are thoroughly Edwardian. It is often noted that Rackham continued solidly in the Edwardian vein—more relaxed than Victorian and more lavishly romantic—long after World War I had thoroughly shattered English idealism.

Loganberry Legacy

One of the most famous of the Golden Age Illustrators is Arthur Rackham. While many of this books have been reprinted, even recently, none compare to the first editions of his work in which the paper, printing, and color of reproduction are truly superior. There are also limited signed editions of his work, usually bound in vellum, which are breathtaking for their craftsmanship. We don't have any in stock at the moment, but you can always ask…


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