Loganberry’s 20th Anniversary Party
Saturday, December 6, 2014, 10:00AM—10:00PM

Twenty years is a big deal, and we’re celebrating in high style. We’ll have live music, book presentations, and book signings all day long.  Birthday cake at noon!  Plus, food and drink in the evening.


Book Signings

10:00 AM     Nina and James Gibans,  Cleveland Goes Modern: Design for the Home, 1930-1970

11:00 AM     Anne Trubek, Dispatches from the Rust Belt, others

11:00 AM     Lawrence Waldman, Painting in Pure Color, others

12:00 PM     Cinda Williams Chima, the Seven Realms Series and the Heir Chronicles

  1:00 PM     Jennie Jones, Cleveland: Inside and Out

  1:00 PM     Alan Dutka, Asia Town Cleveland, others

  2:00 PM     Tricia Springstubb, What Happened on Fox Street, Phoebe and the Digger

  3:00 PM     Laura and Barney Taxel, The Lake View Cemetery, others

  3:00 PM     James Renner, The Man From Primrose Lane, others

  4:00 PM     Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow, Doc, others

  5:00 PM     George Bilgere, Imperial, White Museum, others

  6:00 PM     Sam Thomas, The Midwife's Tale, others

  7:00 PM     Michael Ruhlman,  How to Roast, Egg, Twenty, The Making of a Chef, others


Music & Performance

1:30 PM     Brian Henke, fingerstyle guitar master

3:00 PM     Steve Greenman, klezmer and Eastern European folk music

4:30 PM     George Foley, jazz piano

6:00 PM     Bean Sisters, homegrown singer-songwriter

7:30 PM     Gene's Jazz Hot, swingtime jazz

9:00 PM     Maribeth Mooney, special guest from NYC, comedian


Book Talks

1:00 PM     Larry Rakow, Early Pop-Up Masters  Cancelled.  Get Well Soon, Larry!

1:30 PM     Tour of Strong Bindery

2:30 PM     Karen Long,  Anisfield-Wolf Awards 

3:30 PM     Rebecca Knab,  Music in Literature