2023 Exhibits

Julia "Jules" Briggs

Julia "Jules" Briggs is a Cleveland, Ohio based artist. She holds an MA in Philosophy & The Arts from University of Warwick, England and a BA in Studio Art from DePauw University, Indiana.

This body of work depicts the struggles and triumphs of womanhood, family, and friendship.

My artwork expresses the dignity of emotionality and is unafraid to show the depth of its feelings. My paintings and sculptures are honest and open, reflecting my sincere wish for comfort in my environment and relationships. Through transparency, I hope to show the strength of sensitivity and utilize emotionality as a tool towards seeking understanding on a common ground.

I draw philosophical influences from Tibetan Buddhism to exemplify the universal benefit in showing one’s authentic being. The expressions of the figures within the frame follow happy moments of calm, humor and love, as well as dark moments of attachment, aversion, and ignorance. The complexity of color accentuates the depth of being and the fever of emotionality.

Through sharing my emotional experiences, I strengthen my confidence, understanding, and compassion towards others.


This exhibit was on view 9/7/23 - 9/28/23

Bahar Ghasemi

Bahar Ghasemi, an Iranian artist based in Cleveland, OH, was born in 1992. With a masters degree in architecture from KIAU and currently pursuing art studies at Tri-c, Bahar's creative journey involves exploring a diverse range of mediums, such as acrylics, watercolor, and markers for painting. In addition to her painting skills, she possesses a remarkable talent for drawing, paper maché, and crafting clay sculptures.

For Bahar, art serves as a delightful means to express her feelings, emotions, and unique sense of humor, conveying what words alone cannot capture. Her migration experience sparked a deep yearning for meaningful communication, and she found comfort and companionship in the art of clay. Through her exhibition, Bahar shares unspoken stories with viewers, expressing her innermost emotions through the language of pottery and painting. Her artwork becomes a powerful vehicle to connect with others and share her experiences.

This exhibit was on view 8/3/23 - 9/3/23


Tracy Zakraysek

Tracy Zakraysek grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in an old house next to a steep ravine and surrounded by tall trees. There were always National Geographic magazines to read and musical theatre on listen to. With these influences, it’s not surprising that she was attracted to the arts; first to the theatre, and then to graphic design.

Since the introduction of the Apple iPad, Tracy has pursued a personal artistic expression, returning to her childhood love of painting and animals. All her art is painted on an iPad Pro using Procreate, then printed on conservation-quality paper using archival pigments to ensure the prints will last a lifetime.

Tracy lives in Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio.

This exhibit was on view 7/6/23 - 7/30/23

Devon Clair Arts

Join us for our June (Pride Month) art exhibition, featuring the work of local non-binary artist Devon Overley! 
There is no beginning to my artistic journey, it has simply always been the path I've taken. I've established Devon Clair Arts to showcase my talents and offer my original art to the world. From small sketches to large scale projects, my art is a highly-personal reflection of myself.

I am a non-binary creator with a Bachelor's degree in Literature. I have professional experience as an artist and designer, and look forward to the opportunities out there for me. If you would like to find out more about my process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

✶ This exhibit was on view 6/1/23-7/2/23 ✶

Altered Book Group: Stories

The women artists of the Altered Book Group meet monthly to share their work and exchange ideas. As Altered Book artists, they transform the original content or structure of books into unique, purposeful or whimsical expressions using a variety of materials and techniques such as collage, assemblage, stitching, painting, printing, and sketching, often pushing the boundaries of the book as a recognizable object.

Altered Book Group Artists are: C.T. Anson, Jane Berger, Phyllis Brody, Gene Epstein, Amy Jacobs, Pat Pitingolo, Anne Weissman.

This exhibit was on view 5/4/23 - 5/28/23  

Gary Dumm: Black and White and Read All Over 2.0

Gary has loved comics and drawing them since he was very young. In 1976, he met Cleveland’s Harvey Pekar and embarked on a 30-year-plus collaboration, producing that author’s autobiographical comic American Splendor. More recently, he illustrated author Scott MacGregor’s Cleveland historical graphic novel Fire On The Water, released by Abrams Comic Arts. But his favorite artistic collaboration has been with his wife, and master of color, Laura. In 2013, they created and installed a 60’ x 8’ mural in Ohio City entitled “Our Love Letter To Cleveland,” which currently resides in Cleveland State University’s Michael Schwartz Library. He contends that he will continue drawing comics and cartoons until they pry the pencil or pen from his cold, dead fingers.




This exhibit was on view 4/6/23 - 4/30/23

Teresa Katsaros

I am an acrylic and mixed-media artist from Wadsworth, Ohio.

Each painting begins with the title and is inspired by a phrase or a quote. Sometimes just a word. For instance, what color is Optimism? I painted it in warm and vibrant oranges and yellows, pushing against the darkness.

Are you optimistic by nature, or do you have to work at it? How do you maintain an optimistic outlook in the world these days? These are questions I ask myself while painting.
I realize that one way I can contribute to making the world a better place is to start with myself. To look within. To be open to growth. And to allow myself (and others) grace and acceptance along the way.


This exhibit was on view 3/2/23 - 4/2/23

Jurnee Weeams

My name is Jurnee Weeams, I’m a 20-year-old artist from the Buckeye-Shaker area of Cleveland. I’ve been creating for a while now, learning from the artists within my family and the many mentors and muses I have met around the city. Often, I create pieces that celebrate Black people and women. Othertimes, I create pieces that convey my joys and my worries. Sometimes, I just like to make pieces that would make someone laugh.

Recently, I have been challenged with the question of “why do you create?” I never really thought that art would be in the cards for me, though over the years I have found that art has helped me become a better person overall. I create to grow, to feel and process the happenings of everyday, to communicate when I can’t find the right words, to express love, pride, hope, sadness, fear; truly, the reasons could go on. The sheer process of making anew piece inspires me to go on! But overall, I create to hopefully inspire others to do the same and that there’s value in making something that represents you or what you’re passionate about.
This exhibit was on view 2/2/23 - 2/26/23

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