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Wende and Harry Devlin

Old Black Witch

Kiss for a Warthog

How Fletcher Was Hatched

Wende and Harry Devlin are both artists with a sense of humor.  Working for several magazines in the 1940's, Harry became the leading editorial cartoonist at Collier's while Wende wrote a comic strip callled Fullhouse (also known as Raggmopp) with characters named for their own six children. On the serious side, Harry paints architecture and Wende portraits, but their winning combination in children's books and illustrations (and perhaps recipes?) is their best known artistic achievement, and most especially the Cranberryport series.

Sometimes people request a book called The Blueberry Pancake Witch. What they mean, of course is Old Black Witch.  Does she make Blueberry Pancakes?  You betcha, the best in town!  And that assures that she isn't kicked out of the house she haunts, and that the new owners' "Jug and Muffin" tearoom makes enough money to stay there too.  Rent for all!

* designates a title still in print
Aunt Agatha, There is a Lion Under the Couch. Parents Magazine Press, 1968.
Cranberry Autumn.  Four Winds, 1993. 
Cranberry Birthday.  Simon & Schuster, 1998. 
Cranberry Christmas.  Parents Magazine Press, 1976.
Cranberry Easter.  Aladdin, 1993. 
Cranberry Halloween.  Aladdin, 1990. 
Cranberry Mystery.  Parents Magazine Press, 1978.
Cranberry Summer.  Four Winds, 1991.
Cranberry Thanksgiving. Parents Magazine Press, 1971.
*Cranberry Valentine. Aladdin, 1992. 
Hang on Hester.  Aladdin, 1980.
How Fletcher Was Hatched. Parents Magazine Press, 1969. 
A Kiss for a Warthog.  Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, l970
The Knobby Boys to the Rescue.  Parents Magazine Press, 1965.
Old Black Witch.  Parents Magazine Press, 1963. 
Old Witch and the Polka-Dot Ribbon.  Parents Magazine Press, 1970.
Old Witch Rescues Halloween.  Parents Magazine Press, 1973.
The Trouble With Henriette.  Simon & Schuster, 1995.

Film adaptation of  The Old Black Witch:
"Winter of the Witch", directed by Gerald Herman, 1969.

To Grandfather's House We Go: A Roadside Tour of American Homes.  Parents Magazine Press, 1967.
The Wonderful Tree House.  Written by Harold Longman and illustrated by Harry Devlin.  Parents Magazine Press, 1962.
What Kind of a House is That? Parents Magazine Press, 1969.
Portraits of American Architecture:  Monuments to a Romantic Mood, 1830-1900.  Gramercy Books, 1989, 1996.
Mitnick, Barbara J. Harry Devlin: A Retrospective.  Morris Museum.

Cranberry BirthdayCranberry ThanksgivingCranberry Christmas

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Cranberry Valentine. Aladdin, 1986.  Paperback (laminate). As new. $18

How Fletcher Was Hatched. Parents Magazine Press, 1969. Hardcover without dustjacket. Pages clean. Back hinge reglued. G. $9.00

Old Black Witch.  Parents Magazine Press, 1963, a 1966 edition.  A well-loved ex-library copy with the usual stamps and unusual amounts of taped pages.  Yes, it's all there, but this is not a pristine copy, no sirree.  Covers are okay, just a bumped corner, but I can't even guess how many little hands have adored this story.  Still, it's ready for another reader, and you know how hard this title is to find.  Condition: Poor.  Price: $23, as is. 


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I'm looking for the above book, in addition to two others, authors unknown to me (sorry). I loved these as a child adn unfortunately they were thrown out. Any help you could give me in locating these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Old Black Witch was a favorite book of my daughter's. She got it as a monthly issue of the Parents Magazine Children's bookclub in the mid-70's. It is written by Wende Devlin. I just found Loganberry's site today. Hooray! I love it. Thanks for a great service.

I have in hard back Old Witch and Old Witch and the Polka Dot Ribbon and I am really interested in getting a hardback Old Witch Rescues Halloween to complete my "Old Witch Set."  Thank You so much for your help.  I loved these books as a child and still as an adult.  I hope you can help me!

I remember getting a book when I was little that was about a little boy and his mother moving into an old house. There was a witch who lived there and she was not happy with the new occupants. When the mother opened up a teahouse this just made the witch angrier until she was asked to help. If I remember correctly this book had lots of colorful pictures. Can you find it for me?

I remember reading this book in the late 70's. It's about a dog (I think his name is Fletcher) whose owner is a blonde-haired girl. She spends a lot of time petting the baby chicks on the farm. The dog is jealous of the attention the chicks receive, so he decides to try to hatch from a huge egg to impress her and win her love. Two beavers help him construct an "egg" out of twigs, leaves, mud, etc to "hatch" from.  Anyone?
This is How Fletcher Was Hatched by the Devlins.

Hello! I was hoping you could help me find the name of the movie that was based on Old Black Witch.  I remember watching it as a child, and I just bought the book, but nobody seems to know what the name of the movie is.  I would love to share it with my children.Thank you!

The movie version of Old Black Witch was called "Winter of the Witch" and was produced for TV in 1969.  I haven't been able to find it anywhere, though.

This is the best childrens book ever! I'm 19 and i still
adore this book, it was my moms when she was a girl, and it got handed down, my children are going to read it too, its a tradition in my family. I would recommend this book to anyone, its a heartwarming story for anyone. I LOVE THIS BOOK! READ IT! A sweet book about a little black witch, who befriends a single mother and her son, and makes the worlds best pancakes, what could be better than a little witch to come downstairs every morning to make breakfast!

I also remember seeing the movie based on Old Black Witch in elementary school.  That day, the teacher taught us how to make blueberry pancakes.  I searched the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) and found the title.  It is called Winter of the Witch and was directed by Gerald Herman. 

Gerald Herman (Film Version), "Winter of the Witch." 
If I remember correctly, didn't the film star Hermoine Gingold and Leslie Caron? If so, that's an interesting coincidence as they were both in the musical "Gigi" together...

Old Black Witch.  I Love this Book!!!! I remember reading it over and over again when I was six years old, it was given to me by my mother and I wore it in to a comfortable dog-eared state. However my new step-sister hated the cover of old Black Witch and she made me get rid of it when I was eight, I've been searching for this forever so thank you so very much for all of your hard work, I'll tell everyone I know about you!!!!!

Wende and Harry Devlin, Cranberry Halloween.  I absolutley love the Cranberry Books, when my children were small I would take them to the public libray and they would always want me to check those books out.  The illustrations and stories are wonderful for children and adults. 

Hi -- I was just looking at your Master Wants List, and I think the person seaching for "Blueberry Pancake Witch" is actually looking for Old Black Witch, which is about a witch who makes magic blueberry pancakes. Hope this is of some use.

Blueberry Pancake Witch: This keyword phrase refers to the book Old Black Witch. The last page of the book has a blueberry pancake recipe on it. I should have told you that in my last e-mail. I'll be making my list and checking it twice to see if you can find my lost favorites. Thanks again. 

And a million thanks for your help in finding the Old Black Witch and How Fletcher Was Hatched!!!!

If you ever get Old Black Witch, I'd LOVE to have that one as well!  Thanks so much! 

YOU ROCK!!!  I could never be a bookseller (or sell antiques) because I'd never make any money.  There HAS to be a name for someone with a "book affliction".  My husband and I both suffer from it.  We currently don't have a sofa, but we have stacks of books in every room...  i know, we're sick.  We thought going to the library would save us money -- except we notoriously took out too many, misplaced one or two among our own books, and wham -- hefty fines.  There goes the saving money theory!  I should just come up to your shop sometime -- my mom is from Cleveland, so we go up once in a while to get nostalgic.

This book might have been witten in the early 70s.It was bought through a monthly book club. I think the title is "The Witches on Blueberry Hill" It is about a house built on a hill that some witches live in. A single Mom, Moves in and wants to build a diner or bed and breakfast on the first floor. But the witches try to frighten them away. Until at the end of the story The witches make some blueberry pancakes while saying the magic spell and stirring it with a wooden spoon. It has the recipie and the saying in the back of the book so you can also make the pancakes.

Is your name really Logan? And you named your company Loganberry? I love it. The Old Black Witch just came and I'm so excited and tickled to have it in my hands. It's worn as if I had handled it myself all these years and it feels right. Somebody or bodies have loved that book as much as I did. Thank you so much for helping me replace this very valuable sentimental object. I can hardly wait to share it with my son. I want to tell the whole world....  You're great.

A friend and I were trying to remember the name of a film we saw as children in school.  After looking at this website, I now know the name of the book, but does anyone know the name of the film about the witch who makes magic blueberry pancakes?

great site. I found this while researching the book the old black witch - I read it as a little girl.  Now when my twins were born last year my sister gave me our torn and haggard Old Black Witch book from the 60's.  It recently lost it's cover!  But I am glad we still have it and am putting it aside for a while until the twins get out of the chewing and ripping stage. 

I have been searching for the "Blueberry Witch" forever! I read your posts and have not been able to find much either. I did find an R rated Winter of the Witch distributed by: Parents' Magazine Films Inc.!!! I still can't find where to purchase it or if it's the right one. The rating has me a bit stumped! I loved that movie. They showed ot to our entire school on rainy days and in California they didn't come often enogh. I didn't ever know there was a book.  I'm 34 and remember my love for this like it was yesterday. : )

Old Black Witch.  I also was shown the movie version of this in elementary school.  It always stuck in my head, but I couldn'\''t remember the title.  Everyone thought I was crazy, talking about a witch who made pancakes.  A few years ago, I was substituting in a kindergarten classroom.  While I was cleaning up, I found the book and opened it up.  I'm glad the kids weren't there, because I screamed, "This is IT!!!"  Love it, thanks a lot!!

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