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Happy Spring!

Here are the events for Loganberry Books  in May and June 2005.
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Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. 


May 6-31
May 6, 6-8pm
Ellen Darby and Mike Priolo: The Horse
Opening Reception
Annex Gallery 
May 7, 1-3pm J. Everett Prewitt: Snake Walkers

Mr. Prewitt wanted to write of strong black families, black men and women like the ones he knew, the ones who grew up in the south and had a legacy.   There were so many stories to tell, though, where to begin?  Inspiration to write his first novel came from listening to his elders, but most especially from a Mr. Johnson who said "We didn't all lose, and they didn't all win."  Finally, a story yet untold.  Snake Walkers is about a young black man who becomes the first black reporter for the Arkansas Sun.  His first assignment is to solve the mysterious abandonment of a small town and the disappearance of fourteen white men, an investigation that leads him from rural Arkansas to Cleveland, Ohio.  As he tries to uncover decades-old family secrets, he finds he also has to discover the person he wants to be.

Northland Publishing Company, 2005, hardback, 328 pages, $24.95

Book Signing
May 7, 1pm Solar Car Workshop
Assemble a small solar car kit and learn how solar energy works. Class includes materials.
Excellent for burgeoning inventors and scientists of all ages. Taught by Erika Weliczko of REpower Solutions  
Children's Workshop
May 12, 7:30pm a joint meeting with Girlfriends Literary Society and The Cleveland Circle

Read either of the books recommended, or just join us for Eva Janecek's lecture Two Images -- One Body a powerpoint presentation detailing how the concept of the Divine in early world cultures was transformed from the female image to the male image of God.  Discussion will follow the presentation.

Recommended Reading:
The Language of the Goddess  by Marija Gimbutas --or-- The Chalis and the Blade by Riane Eisler
Book Club
May 14, 1-3pm Edward S. Friedman: Gin Rummy, M&M's and Peanuts

In this forthright and hilarious memoir of Dr. Barney Newman, as told to and written by his loyal scribe, Ed Friedman, Newman begins by describing Cleveland’s post World War II changing economic and social environment before humorously revealing the stories of a group of men who played in a weekly gin rummy game. The book takes readers into the player’s trials and tribulations as they-and their wives-deal with true life situations from marriage, infidelity, divorce, and death to financial and professional success, failure and living within the confines of mediocrity.

AuthorHouse, 2005, paperback, 149 pages, $15.50

Book Signing
May 28 Larchmere Sidewalk Sale Larchmere event
June 3-28
June 4, 1-3pm
Farrell Stirtmire:  Meeting of the Mind of Fastir
Opening Reception
Annex Gallery
June 4, 1-3pm Amey S. Tippett: Alison's Journey

Alison’s life is perfect. Married to Eric, a handsome, wealthy man, she teaches 5th grade – just for fun – and is the envy of all her friends.  But beneath the surface, Eric is an abusive monster. Able to take no more, Alison flees her “perfect life” with only her clothes, her car and two cats. After a mad dash across the country, she lands in Grabill, a backwoods Ohio town with seemingly little to offer. But if anyone knows that appearances are deceiving, Alison does. So, she takes her chances on Grabill and, eventually, mechanic Tyler Coffey, embarking on a journey of a whole other kind.

PublishAmerica, 2005, paperback, 172 pages, $19.95

Book Signing
June 9, 7pm Andrea Barnet: All-Night Party: The Women of Bohemian Greenwich Village and Harlem, 1913-1930 Book Club
June 11, 1-3pm Mark Barnes: The League

It is a game that 15 million people play for fun.  But the men in Wall Street's newest league are changing the rules.  The game is no longer just about football. It's about power and an unimaginable amount of money.  One man will stop at nothing to win.  A detective will do anything to bring down a killer, and someone will battle both, to gain the power, protect the money, and save The League. 

DNA Press, 2005, hardback, 178 pages, $19.95

Book Signing
June 22, 8pm Mary Miller
Solo Performance, title TBA
sponsored by Wild Plum Productions
June 26 Larchmere Antiques Fair Larchmere event

Loganberry Books
13015 Larchmere Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH 44120, 216.795.9800
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