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lb-sale-tree-xs.jpgTonight we have a special book club meeting with the author, Sarah Willis.  Then our annual fiction sale slides into the Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, September 5th, when ALL BOOKS will be 20% off.  It only happens twice a year, so get ready for the big day.  We’ve been shelving and rearranging like crazy -- even created a new biography section! – and we’re ready for you.


Recent Acquisitions

·         ss-sept-icon.jpgtons of Architecture books, including colonial American, early European modern, etc.

·         a huge collection of bird books

·         new and improved biography section with some interesting famous and not-so-famous people

·         Little Golden Book: 5 Pennies to Spend

·         a nice vintage copy of Marguerite Henry’s Misty of Chincoteague

·         new fall releases including books by Dan Chaon, Pat Conroy, Stieg Larsson, Thomas Pynchon, Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Praise the Unsung Book Club
fict-willis-some.jpgSarah Willis:  Some Things That Stay
Thursday, August 27, 7pm
~ fourth Thursdays ~

Sarah Willis' first novel features Tamara Anderson, 15 years old in 1954, who comes of age within an unconventional family struggling in an era of social conformity. Her father is a landscape painter, so the family (including Tamara's younger siblings, Robert, 11, and Megan, 7) moves every year, living in furnished houses from Georgia to Idaho to Maine, owning only what can fit in a trailer. Stuart and Liz, Tamara's parents, met when Liz modeled nude for art classes, with Stuart defying his family to marry the woman who had flirted with the Communist Party. Now they are determined to bring up their children as atheists, teaching them evolution and carefully explaining sexuality and reproduction.
Sarah Willis is a Cleveland native and employee of Loganberry Books, and she'll be present to discuss her work with us.  Join us, and the author!, as we discuss Some Things That Stay.  Do you have favorites to recommend for future meetings?  Come suggest them, and join us for future book club meetings, too.


Special Concert

tibetanbowl.jpgKathleen Calby

Re-Sounding Joy: Gem Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls

Wednesday, September 2, 7pm

Kathleen Calby plays Tibetan bowls in a kind of musical massage for your senses.  She’ll begin with a brief intro about the bowls, their history and use, and then give a 40-minute performance.  Q&A will follow.  $10 admission.


Annex Gallery

gall-vincent-plant-s.jpgSusan Vincent:  Plants in My House

Thursday, September 3, 6-8pm

~ first Thursdays ~

Susan will be displaying new work, both drawings and watercolor paintings. These paintings are detailed, representational still-lives that document her stand-in family. Mostly small-scale, these intimate portraits celebrate the imperfections and minute detail of the houseplants occupying Susan’s home.  Come meet Susan, and her green friends.  Annex Gallery show continues through September 28.


Gene's Jazz Hot

genesjazzhot-johnny-w-s.jpgThursday, September 10, 7-9pm

~ second Thursdays ~

A couple who have not been talking to each other for more than a year go to a marriage counselor for help.  The husband tells the counselor that they have been married for 15 years and lately the relationship has deteriorated to the point that they never speak a word to each other.  The counselor asks them to wait a minute while she goes to fetch something.  She returns with a double bass and begins to play.  In no time at all the husband starts talking to the wife.  “Darling, do you remember that night in Hawaii?” The counselor continues playing.  “Yes,” replies the wife dreamily. “Under a full moon. It was wonderful.”  After five more minutes the couple are reminiscing, happily and cuddling like a pair of love birds.  “This is marvellous!” says the husband, “It's a miracle! How did you get us to talk to each other?” “During the bass solo, everybody talks,” came the reply.  da-da-bing!  Yes, there is little good music cannot cure.  Come tap your toes with Gene’s Jazz Hot.    Donations, as always, gratefully accepted for the band.


Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month

stump.jpgG528: Garden, girl, pond, school, grandfather

1920-1945, childrens.  I once owned this book but can't remember the name or author. It was green hardcover and about and inch or two thick 6 x 8 book. I remember the young girl felt alone and would stop at pond in the woods on her way home from school.



N.O.B.S. Forums

nobs-logo-m.jpgSuzanne DeGaetano:  Small Press in the Bookstore

Thursday, September 17, 7pm

~ third Thursdays ~

Suzanne DeGaetano from Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry will talk about small press publications in the bookstore.  Most of us have heard of City Lights Publishers or Coffee House Press, but what about Chin Music Press or Two Dollar Radio?  Chin Music has developed a reputation for gorgeous book design and Two Dollar Radio is an Ohio small press that publishes contemporary literary fiction.  There are also local literary presses that have made a national impact, such as Bottom Dog Press, deepcleveland and Green Panda Press.  Green Panda's one of a kind designs have become very collectible. There are dozens of important small press imprints to look for when you shop for books----come and hear more about them.   $3 suggested donation.


Book Clubs

fict-byatt.jpgPraise the Unsung Book Club

A.S. Byatt:  Possession

Thursday, September 24, 7pm

~ fourth Thursdays ~

Part historical as well as contemporary fiction, the title Possession refers to issues of ownership and independence between lovers, the practice of collecting historically significant cultural artifacts, and to the possession that a biographer feels of their subject. The novel incorporates many different styles and devices: diaries, letters and poetry, in addition to third-person narration. Possession is as concerned with the present day as it is with the Victorian era, pointing out the differences between the two time periods satirizing such things as modern academia and mating rituals. It is a romance, a mystery, a historical novel, a nerdy academic bluestocking satire, and downright page-turning fun.  Kid you not; read it and join us for the book club meeting.


fict-austen-pp.jpgAusteniana Book Club

Jane Austen:  Pride and Prejudice

Thursday, September 24, 7pm

~ fourth Thursdays ~

The Austiana Club resumes this month with the most famous Jane Austen novel of all:  Pride and Prejudice.  After a year reading biographies, spin-offs and sequels, it's time to return to the source of the inspiration.  Following this kick-off, we'll proceed through the other five novels in chronological published order.  “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife…”





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