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Happy Birthday to us!  This November, Loganberry Books celebrates fifteen years!  Say "Happy Birthday" at the checkout counter before Thanksgiving and enjoy an extra 15% off your purchase.

In the current economic and political landscape, books may well be the best bargain, resource and comfort that you can find.  We have about 70,000 books here at Loganberry, so I'm sure you can find one to suit your fancy.  We're open late on Thursday evenings too, so come browse before you get wrapped up in the election/holiday/end of year frenzies.  Help yourself to tea in the Annex Gallery.

Exciting recent acquisitions
Honey Bear

  • The much-loved Honey Bear by the mother of Elizabeth Enright, Dixie Willson, and illustrated by Frank Lloyd Wright's sister, Maginel Wright Barney, published by Volland, 1923
  • first edition of Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon
  • a large collection of magic and card trick books
  • a signed copy of Carl B. Stokes' Promises of Power
  • tons of 2009 calendars and wonderful holiday cards
  • first edition of Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff
  • new Oak Knoll Press books on printing and bookbinding
 Annex Gallery
BeckwithKaren Beckwith:  The Authority Series
Thursday, November 6, 6-8pm
~ first Thursdays ~
In this series of work, Karen explores the realm of secrets through the use of aquatint. The Authority series focuses on the home, in particular, using the image of a key as a visual catalyst.  After discovering the hobo system of communication, which is a series of house symbols instructing travelers where it is safe to stay, a secret language abounds and hides within the work. Some safe houses are for women only or women traveling with children. This led to the use of simplified house images to symbolize a broad concept of the family within the community. Show continues thru Dec. 1st , 2008.

Gene's Jazz Hot
Gene's Jazz HotThursday, November 13, 7pm-9pm
~ second Thursdays ~
Gene's Jazz Hot has been playing their swing on second Thursdays at Loganberry for the past year, and the sound just gets mellower and sweeter.  Come hear Gene Epstein on bass, Seth Rosen on guitar and mandolin, Bill Kenney on clarinet, and the swooning vocals of Peggi Cella.  Call it swing, call it jazz, or just call it sweet divine and come take a load off while listening to a hometown favorite band.    Donations for the band gladly accepted.

N.O.B.S. Forums
McGuffey'sRenee Alley:  McGuffey's Readers:  The Myth and the Reality
Thursday, November 20, 7pm

~ third Thursdays ~
Long before Dick and Jane was McGuffey.  McGuffey's Readers marked a generation of young children, and its worn tan covers can bring an old-timer back to childhood in a flash.  More than nostalgia items, however, McGuffey shaped several generations and the entire field of American education, with at least 120 million copies sold between 1836 and 1960.  Come learn more about the history and impact of these reading primers.   $3 suggested donation.

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month
Stump the BooksellerM540: Mystery of Blue...?
The book I remember was a thick book and written a while ago but in the juvenile literature section.  It had a hardcover.  I am almost positive that "Blue" was somewhere in the title.  I do remember that it was about a rare flower or plant (and I'm pretty sure it was blue) that was stolen from the greenhouse and the girl worked to figure out who it was who took it.  The story took place on a farm for sure - in post-WWII Germany.  Her father was a twin - and he and his brother married another set of twins (or at least sisters) so the girl had "double cousins".  I believe the gardener or some kind of hand was the one who had stolen it.  I have no more information than that.  I would appreciate any help!  It's really bugging me!

Bloomsday & Austeniana Clubs
Bloomsday & Austeniana Clubs
~ fourth Thursdays ~
Our two ongoing book clubs usually meet on the fourth Thursday of the month.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas both squarely falling on fourth Thursdays, the readers will take a short two-month hiatus.  We'll reconvene after the holidays, on the fourth Thursday, January 22nd.  We'll see where the Joyce readers are with Ulysses (somewhere in the middle), and the Austen group will discuss the entire Fitzwilliam Darcy trilogy by Pamela Aidan.

35th Larchmere Holiday Stroll
Holiday StrollFriday, November 28, 10am-8pm
Saturday, November 29, 10am-8pm
Sunday, November 30, 1-5pm

Our decades-old Larchmere Holiday Stroll finally merges with Shaker Square's Tree Lighting Ceremony for a jammed-packed weekend of shopping and holiday flair.  Enjoy three days of old-world holiday shopping with dozens of independent shops and services, and award-winning restaurants!  Join the celebration!

On Saturday, catch Lolly the Trolley, 2-8pm, from Larchmere to Shaker Square and back!  At 7pm, welcome Santa to Shaker Square and watch the entire Square light up at his magic command.  Then get your photos taken with Santa at CVS and ride Lolly the Trolley back to Larchmere!

Mark your calendars now.  The biggest shopping weekend of the year doesn't have to be bland and big-box:  the historic districts of Shaker Square and Larchmere will give you the surprise and esoterica you seek.  A meld between traditional and funky, distinctive and rousing, the weekend will become alive with holiday cheer.  Join us.  Memories await you.


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