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Yes, it's cold, but it's winter after all, and that's what hot chocolate and good books are for.  We also have plenty of events and special deals this month, so come beat the duldrums with a good afternoon's browse at Loganberry. 

Exciting recent acquisitions

  • Art Deco, by Victor Arwas, published by Abrams, 1980 
  • What It Felt Like Living in the American Century by Henry Allen
  • the Caldecott and National Book Award winner Invention of Hugo Cabret
  • Thomas Elfe, Cabinetmaker by Samuel Humphrey
  • Steel Remembered: Photographs from the LTV Steel Collection
  • boxed set of Anne of Green Gables
  • Aunt Susan's hot recommendation The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop
  • Children's Stories, Whitman 1955, with the rare "Quack, Said Jerusha"
  • beautiful Valentine's cards, both new and vintage!
  • This Cleveland of Ours, 4 volumes, 1933, by Alburn
  • 2008 Calendars are now 40% off with a buy one, get one free offer!
Annex Gallery
Mark Yasenchack:  Collage and Valentine's Skulls
Thursday, February 7, 6-8pm
~ first Thursdays ~
When I first saw Mark's small ceramic skull sculptures, like gothic masks with macabre humor, I wanted them all, and I wanted to see them act their lives out on stage, or perhaps in graphic novel format.  When Mark said he was interested in having an Annex Gallery show here in February, I was delighted, but even more so with his title of Valentine's Skulls!  Oh, every sweetheart needs one!  As he says, “All I ever needed to know about love I learned on the Addams Family on a black and white TV set.”  Mark also does some large-scale abstract paintings, and these will also be featured in this show.  Show runs February 7 - March 3.

In Concert
Gene's Jazz HotGene's Jazz Hot
In Concert
Thursday, February 14, 6:30pm-9:00pm

~ second Thursdays ~
Speaking of Valentine's Day, we've got a great treat for you.  Bring your sweetie to hear the swinging nostalgic and happy hometown band called Gene's Jazz Hot.  And sit back and enjoy the show.  Food and wine welcome.   Donations for the band gladly accepted.

Darwin Day
Tuesday, February 12
February 12th is Darwin Day.  Hundreds of groups across the United States and the globe will celebrate the day in honor of the discoveries and life of the man who famously described biological evolution via natural selection.  And did you know that Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day?  Certainly a day to celebrate.  How 'bout 10% off all history and science books?   Yeah, okay, call it a deal.  Happy Birthday Chuck and Abe!

Playwriting Workshop
Taught by local playwright/actor Sarah Morton
Mondays, February 18 - April 14, 6:30- 9:00pm

In this 8-session intensive,  students will explore the fundamentals of playwriting,  including dramatic structure, story, theatrical language/ dialogue, and character development. Learn how to turn your ideas on the page into vivid, dynamic, and theatrical writing for the stage.  Discover your own unique voice as a playwright, in a small, supportive workshop setting.  Workshop is geared towards beginning playwrights, but all levels of experience are welcome.  Class size limited; registration and fee required.

N.O.B.S. Forums
Ann Olszewski:  Charles Chesnutt in Cleveland
Thursday, February 21, 7pm
~ third Thursdays ~
The notable author Charles Chesnutt lived in Cleveland from 1883 until his death in 1932. He supported his family as a court reporter, but is now regarded as the first African-American novelist published by a major commercial publisher. The presentation will introduce biographical and documentary resources about Chesnutt held at the Cleveland Public Library. There will be a digression to the subject of cloth publishers bindings (Chesnutt's bindings are wonderful examples) and the making of the Ohio Preservation Council's "Preserve Ohio's Book Heritage" poster.  Watch for the Charles Chesnutt USPS stamp to be issued on January 31st, and listen to WCPN's "Around Noon" on Monday February 18 to hear Dee Perry interview Ann Olszewski.   $3 suggested donation.

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month
Stump the BooksellerB618: ballerina rivals and poison pancakes
A hardback picture book read and probably published early to mid-1980s. From what I remember, there were two or three rival ballerinas who each want to be prima ballerina. The first prima ballerina is fed a delicious food item (or several of them) by a jealous rival, possibly poisoned pancakes. Eating them makes her fat and she cannot dance anymore, and the rival takes her place? Then the rival is fed the same poisoned item and also gets too fat to dance and is also replaced? The food item was maybe addictive or magic? I think they all learn a lesson in the end. I remember the pictures as simple and brightly colored...not by James Marshall, but kind of that style. Possibly has "poisoned pancake" or something like that in the title, or the food item might not have been a pancake (but definitely food...maybe just cake). I think one of the characters might have been named Pavlova (like the famous dancer, of course). Thanks and good luck!

Bloomsday Club
Thursday, February 28, 7pm
~ fourth Thursdays ~
We think we've made a major breakthrough with the beginning of Chapter 10 of James Joyce's Ulysses, and we hope the trail will be a little easier from here.  We also wonder if a little Irish Whiskey won't help skid the wheels, so to speak.  Join us for the day before Leap Day, and we'll see what a bit of Irish Luck will do, and what Stephen Bloom is up to.  Also remember to go see Bloomsday Club member Barbara Becker's new play Ictus at CPT's Big Box series Februrary 22-24.

Austeniana Club
Thursday, February 28, 7pm
~ fourth Thursdays ~
Winter is a good time to read Jane Austen, don't you think?  Ellie of Strong Bindery is clamouring for an Austen book club, and I hear PBS is featuring quite a marathon of films to get you in the mood.  Jane only wrote six novels, but they're all humdingers, and there are modern spin-offs to enjoy too: Austenland, Becoming Jane Austen, Darcy's Passions, Mr. Darcy's Diary, and the trilogy Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman.  The first of Austen's novels is Sense and Sensibility, so that sounds like a good place to start.  Interested in talking Austen?  Join us.

Shaker Arts Council AHA!
Friday, February 29, 6pm
The Hoopes Family String Trio
For the third time, Loganberry is pleased to host the Shaker Arts Council At Home with the Arts series.  This special performance features
The Hoopes Family String Trio , featuring 15-year-old violinist Alexandra, 13-year-old violinist Chad and 17-year-old violist Anna Hoopes, from Shaker Heights, all enrolled in the Junior Young Artist and Young Artist Programs at CIM.  They have recently had some impressive national gigs, so be sure to catch this special opportunity to hear them play their hometown.  Admission.

Looking ahead:  the Edible Books Festival is the first Saturday in April, which makes this year, our fifth, April 5th.  Start thinking!  And don't forget our amusing and sometimes informative blog.... 


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