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Salutations!  Read any good books lately?

book review cardHard to believe the school season has begun, but so it has!  In keeping with the academic rigors of the season, Loganberry hereby requests your book recommendations and reviews.  We know you've had some good summer months of reading, and we'd like to share your great finds with the rest of the world.  So write us a short (very short) blurb for something you'd like to share, and we'll post your words with the book, hoping to find more readers.  Anything goes, and of course older titles and out-of-print gems are eligible.  If we choose to use your review, we'll give you a $10 gift certificate good towards books  of your choice.  Here's the form.

Don't forget the easy pdf versions (click on images below).  Oh, and I started a blog...

Larchmere Sidewalk Sale
Saturday, September 1, 11am-5pm

Labor Day weekend brings out more bargains on Larchmere Boulevard!  Join the many and varied shops on Larchmere as we put extras, oldies, and specials on the sidewalk, creating that wonderful old-world shopping experience in a real-world historic shopping district.  

Loganberry Books will be offering our twice annual store-wide 20% off sale -- that's right, this is the last time this year such a sale will happen.  Super specials on the sidewalk, too, of course.  Come enjoy!

Exciting recent acquisitions

  • new reprint of Parents Magazine Press classic Never Tease a Weasel
  • some 1950s science fiction paperbacks
  • newspaper political cartoons from the turn of the century
  • Big Little Books like Tarzan and Mickey Mouse
  • German children's books exquisitely illustrated from the '50s and '60s
  • a complete miniature leather set of Knickerbocker Shakespeare
  • many photography books
  • a wealth of new books on environmentalism by Chelsea Green Publishing
  • book marks, book plates, and funky little book lights!

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month

Stump the BooksellerB577:  Bibelots
All I remember is it was a quality hardback, circa 1978, with a whitish justjacket and the word "BIBELOT" as an important plot point, featured in a big way.  If the book discusses bibelots, it's my book.  If it doesn't discuss bibelots, it's not.  There must be a glass-topped bibelot table in the book.  Of course, I pronounced it bibb'-eh-lot, and not beeb'-lo, and got teased by another classmate.

Annex Gallery
Meili's Acquisitions 
Chinese Peasant Paintings
Thursday, September 6, 6-8pm
~ first Thursdays ~
When Hal and Joanna Retzler's daughter Meili travelled to China, she was astounded by the fabulous artwork, from classically inspired prints to unschooled peasant paintings.  This exhibition focuses on the latter: various sizes and media of untrained and compelling visions from the countryside of China.  Their stark beauty and immediacy will move you, and the Asian counterpart of Art Brut may surprise you.  Show runs September 6 thru October 1.

N.O.B.S. Forums
Show & Tell
Thursday, September 20, 7pm
~ third Thursdays ~
Our quarterly Show and Tell sessions continue!  Everyone is invited to bring biblio treasures and tell us their stories.  Where did these books come from, what makes them special, have you ever seen illustrations like this?  We'll each share some gems, and gain some knowledge from the collective group.  With book collectors, librarians, afficionados, dealers, bookbinders, and historians in the group, it will be more than an "Antiques Roadshow" experience, as we'll learn about the history, bibliographies, biographies, and values of the books, and put the book into its cultural history context. So bring your gems from the attic, garage sale curios, and prized possessions.  Learn a little, teach a tad.  Sponsored by the Nothern Ohio Bibliophilic Society, $3 suggested donation. 

Bloomsday Book Club
Thursday, September 27, 7pm
~ fourth Thursdays ~

Chapter Seven brought some relief, as Stephen Daedalus became more likeable and the prose a little more fluent.  But chapter eight -- ?  Honestly, Joyce makes up his own sentence structures.  We're wading it out, hoping for enlightenment.  Vetrans assure us it's there, but we haven't found it yet. 

Joke of the day:  some American tourists were visiting Paris and standing outside the re-incarnated Shakespeare and Co.  With tour book in hand, one woman announced, "and this is the famous bookstore owned by Sylvia Beach, where Homer wrote Ulysses.  It's currently owned by the grandson of Walt Whitman."  Lucky for the bookstore owner (a Whitman unrelated to the bachelor poet), the tourists didn't walk inside, but just continued on their way.  (paraphrased from Time Was Soft There by Jeremy Mercer.)


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