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This week, it's all about the Annex Gallery.  After a quiet gallery summer, we've made some needed renovations (wall patching, painting, new hanging system, floor clearcoating), and it looks great.  Tomorrow opens our first exhibition since May, and it looks stunning, come see! 

In addition to the Annex Gallery renovations, we have two new shelving units, resulting in expanded areas for gardening, history, social sciences, queer studies, theatre, poetry and music, among others.  For the first time ever, we have been able to separate fantasy from science fiction (shocking, I know, but the new sections are worthy of their own sections at last!). 

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our second Sidewalk Sale of the season on September first, when everything will be 20% off. 

Need the easy-to-print version of this newsletter?  Click here for the pdf.  You can also click on the icons by each event for posters for that event (in case you need a reminder!). 

Exciting recent acquisitions

  • The Flowering of Art Nouveau, Abrams, 1966
  • 2008 calendars (incredible, yes, but the early bird gets the worm!)
  • wonderful new books on gardening and flowers
  • an extensive art book collection, including big books on Braque, Hopper, etc.
  • fabulous books on Japanese Netsuke
  • nice affordable reprint editions of the famous Oz series
  • some wonderful first edition young adult novels like Eleanor Farjeon and others
  • new greeting card designs from Great Arrow and Bottman Designs

Book Signings
Ted Schwarz -- Hollywood Confidential: How the Studios Beat the Mob at Their Own Game
Saturday, August 4, 1-3pm

Hollywood Confidential is the first truly in-depth look at the sexy, humorous, violent, and tragic history of the mob in Hollywood from the 1920s, when Joe Kennedy decided to buy a motion picture company, to the 1980s when the last vestiges of mob influence were revealed through investigations of former Screen Actors Guild President Ronald Reagan and his union backers. The revelations continue into the 1980s when the major studios were no longer important, the independents were on the rise, and it was no longer possible to buy, bribe, or blackmail in a meaningful way. There were deals and bad guys, but the mob as it existed was finished in Hollywood.  Ted Schwarz is the author, co-author, or ghost writer of more than 100 books, over 2,500 articles and short stories, and TV show guest with approximately 300 appearances.  He lives in Cleveland.
Taylor Trade Publishing, 2007, hardcover, 256pp,  $24.95

Gemma Bloom --  Deadly Crossings
Saturday, August 25, 1-3pm
When Sophie Skala narrowly escapes indictment for the murder of her abusive husband, she seeks anonymity by moving to a small lake island for the winter. But writer and island resident Joe Wisdom recognizes her—and quickly becomes the victim of foul play.  Gemma Bloom lives in Lakewood, Ohio and holds a Ph.D. in English.  This is her first novel.
iUniverse, 2007, paperback, 200pp, $14.95

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month

Stump the BooksellerV58: Victory cow and Gettysburg Address
1945 to 1950, childrens. A friend had a favorite book I would like to find.  It was set during World War II.  A family with children live in the country and have a Victory Cow.  There is a school assembly where one boy must recite the Gettysburg Address.  He has practiced while milking the cow.  To help him remember during the performance his sister ties a rope to his belt so that he can make milking motions behind his back and keep the rhythm.  I know those are odd recollections but they are the ones that stuck in her mind.  She was born in 1944 and this sounds like a grade school level book so I'm guessing at the publication date.

N.O.B.S. Forums
Craig Schermer -- First Ladies First
Thursday, August 16, 7pm
~ third Thursdays ~
Craig Schermer, former historian for the National First Ladies Library in Canton, Ohio, and local bookseller at Paper Peddlers, is a respected authority on the first ladies of the United States and gives scores of lectures each year.  His own collection of first lady autographs, diaries, memoirs, photographs and memorabilia is one of the largest in the nation and forms the core of the book collection of the National First Ladies Library.  In this talk, he'll focus on historiography and how the public learned about first ladies, the books about first ladies that changed public perception of their role, and into the 21st century and how books about first ladies have been replaced by books written by the first ladies themselves.  Join us for tales, book lore, and undoubtedly some colorful renderings of the first ladies themselves. 
Sponsored by the Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society, $3 suggested donation.

Bloomsday Book Club
Thursday, August 23, 7pm
~ fourth Thursdays ~

We continue, yes we do.  If you want a taste of one of the most famous literary works in English, James Joyce’s
Ulysses, or if you’ve read or are reading this master tome, please join us for an informal discussion.  We’re not even a third of the way through yet.  Newcomers welcome.

Larchmere Sidewalk Sale
Saturday, September 1, 11am-5pm

Labor Day weekend brings out more bargains on Larchmere Boulevard!  Join the many and varied shops on Larchmere as we put extras, oldies, and specials on the sidewalk, creating that wonderful old-world shopping experience in a real-world historic shopping district.   Loganberry Books will be offering our twice annual store-wide 20% off sale -- that's right, this is the last time this year such a sale will happen.  Come enjoy!

Annex Gallery
Anastasiy Safari -- The Russian Eye
Thursday, August 2, 6-8pm
Safari has traveled the world with his camera, from native Russia to the Baltic states, and even to Cleveland, Ohio.  His photographs bespeak a worldly influence, and an interesting montage of perspective.  Come see not just a great photography show, but how Cleveland appears against a much more international landscape.  He also has a most excellent website; check it out and then come to the opening reception.  Show runs August 2 thru September 3.


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