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AliceHappy Birthday to me!

I didn't know what else to do for my 40th birthday, so I decided to throw a party.  And you're invited!  So come enjoy great Loganberry festivities, including Gene's Jazz Hot, nibbles, vino, and interesting people.  Yes, of course you should come, it's a great excuse for a party! It'll be on Friday, March 9th, 6-10pm.

Exciting recent acquisitions

  • Michael Holroyd's 2-volume biography of Lytton Strachey
  • many fine books in French, including young adult novels by R.L. Stine and J.K. Rowling
  • a fascinating collection on the history of censorship, esp. in the performing arts
  • Atlas of the Greek World
  • the complete Yale Shakespeare... 40 little blue volumes...
  • Mother Goose illustrated by Arthur Rackham
  • a huge collection of books on sailing and shipping history
Book signings
Saturday, March 3, 1-3pm
Warren Grossman: To Be Healed By the Earth
In 1987, Warren Grossman contracted a parasitic disease during a vacation to Brazil. Doctors gave him only weeks to live, and each day he felt his energy seeping away. Sent home to die, he went outdoors to lie on the ground each day, and gradually the energy he felt emanating from the Earth began to strengthen his body and mind. In this second edition, Grossman interweaves his expertise as a psychologist with his natural gift for healing in this tranquil, generous acknowledgment that physical strength and emotional wellbeing are possible to grasp simply by reconnecting with the Earth. Grossman’s words are elegantly paced with beautiful illustrations that anchor his message: nature and love are the keys to good health. A psychologist with a Ph.D. from Kent State University and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Grossman is the training director of The Warren Grossman School of Healing, and maintains a private healing practice in Cleveland.

Saturday, March 31, 1-3pm
Michael Ceraolo:  Euclid Creek
This 130-page epic poem traces the origins of Euclid Creek and proceeds to illuminate hundreds of years of Northeast Ohio history as it meanders like the flow of water through people, places and events that have shaped the destiny of the land that we call home. A must read for denizens of the Western Reserve.
"Michael Ceraolo may be the most versatile poet writing in America today... This was Moses Cleaveland’s creek; now it is Michael Ceraolo’s." -- Dr. Kelley J. White, poet

Gaming Girls
dominoesFriday, March 9, 7pm
Our domino group seems to be winding down, but we'll have one last official evening of Mexican Train during Harriett's birthday party on Friday the 9th.  There will be a big party to boot, mind you, but that doesn't mean we can't inspire some new folks to join the game, and enjoy the festivites in a more festive atmosphere.

Bloomsday Book Club
JoyceThursday, March 22, 7pm
We have just begun!  With a stalwart group of half a dozen hardy lit buffs, we will tackle the greatest book of the 20th century, James Joyce's Ulysses.  The first assignment is to read the first two chapters, plus any annotations or Bloomsday Book notes to help analyze it.  We'll meet the fourth Thursday of each month, so if you missed the first meeting, don't fret, just read the first two chapters and come on the 22nd. 

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month
Stump the BooksellerC481:chicken finds ancient city
A picture book I read in the early 1950's. A hungry chicken belonging to a poor old woman scratches  the dusty ground, looking for food, and keeps  scratching until it uncovers a large ancient city. And after that, woman and chicken are not starving any more! Based on my very dim memories, or perhaps later knowledge, setting might have been Italy and the ruin might have been Roman.

N.O.B.S. Forums
Thursday, March 15, 7pm
Show and Tell Session
YOU are invited to bring your biblio treasures and tell us their stories!  Where did they come from, what makes them special, have you ever seen illustrations like this?  We'll each share some gems, and gain some knowledge from the collective group.  With book collectors, librarians, afficianados, dealers, bookbinders, and historians in the group, it will be more than an "Antiques Roadshow" experience, as we'll learn about the history, bibliographies, biographies, and values of the books, and put the book into its cultural history context. So bring your gems from the attic, garage sale curios, and prized possessions.  Learn a little, teach a tad. Admission:  $3 (free to members of the Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society).

Annex Gallery
Thursday, March 1, 6-8pm
Mini Kaur:  Trendz

Do you know that what you wear makes one of the most powerful statements of who and what you are to the world?  Do you see yourself as a member of the world and not simply a member of a country?  If so, welcome to the products of World Trendz.  Trendz has the latest and most comtemporary clothing fashions inspired from various rich cultures all over the world.  No matter what your taste, you'll be certain to find that unique and perfect something special.  Show continues through April 2.

Looking ahead:  the  4th Annual Edible Books Festival  will be on Saturday, April 7 at 1pm.  Start thinking....  what can you create, entirely out of food, that has something to do with books?  For this year's contest categories, pictures and more, see the FAQs page.

I hope to see you browsing at Loganberry soon!


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