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Happy New Year!  I hope you all had safe and heartwarming holidays.  We've got plenty lined up for 2007, and the books keep rolling in.  Our Annex Gallery is getting quite a bit of press these days, so do join us for Leena Nevalainen-Smith's opening reception on January 4th.  Read on... 

Exciting recent acquisitions
Pour le Retour

  • six spectacular French World War I posters, mounted on linen and framed
  • Dali by Gerard
  • Picasso's Variations on Velazquez' Painting "The Maids of Honor" 
  • The Elizabethan Zoo: A Book of Beasts Fabulous & Authentic
  • The Little Red Computer by Ralph Steadman, 1969

Calendar & Card Sale
calendarRemaining calendars and holiday cards are now on sale for 20% off.  There are some good ones, like African American Art, Art Nouveau, and We'Moon date books.  And the word is getting out that Loganberry has the best cards in town.  (Hold onto your hats, because there are even more great cards coming in 2007!).  Holiday cards will only remain on display for a few more weeks though, so come now and stock up for next year at these discounted prices!

Gaming Girls
dominoesThursday, January 11, 7pm
Nothin' like a good card game for the new year.  'Cept we do little tiles with numbers, a nice tactile and colorful set of modern dominoes and a game called Mexican Train.  Join us:  it's easy, fun, and helps keep the winter doldrums at bay. 

Bloomsday Book Club
JJThursday, January 25, 6pm
It's time!  Join us for a book club devoted to the last novel written by James Joyce, the legendary Finnegans Wake.  Yes, we know you're a bit daunted by a book best read next to an unabridged dictionary, but we also know you've always wanted to read one of the most renowned and respected works in the English language.  We'll tackle it slowly, some ten pages at a time, and discuss it at length at monthly meetings.  This first meeting will introduce the book, its place in literary history, and the tools needed for understanding it.  Yes, we'll have books, both Joyce's and reading guides, as well as a list of helpful interactive websites.  Want to know more?  Join us.

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month
Stump the BooksellerV51: Valerie Anne and Alligator Eugene
I remember a series of books from the 1960s that involved a French girl named Valerie anne who travels somewhere and possibly is shipwrecked, or somehow winds up in New York. She has a friend named Eugene who is an alligator. The books were almost like board books but not quite. Perhaps there was 5 or 6 books in a series. They were brightly colored.

N.O.B.S. Forums
Richard DoyleThursday, January 18, 7pm
Jim Best: 30 Years of Collecting Illustrated Books
Jim Best has been collecting great illustrated books for three decades.  Come hear his talk, see some rare gems and an overview of the field in a power point presentation, plus a show-and-tell of some rarities from his collection of over 4000 books.  Jim will cover not only the well-known greats, but some sleepers and undiscovered gems as well.  A good collector always has some interesting stories to share, and the path is not always linear, so come enjoy these unexplored byways of a fascinating collection. 
Free to NOBS members, $3 non-members.

AHA!  At Home with the Arts
Friday, January 26, 8pm
The Shaker Heights Arts Coucil fundraiser returns to Loganberry for an evening of live performances.  Called AHA!, At Home with the Arts, the program features all local artists of diverse mediums for an evening of eye-opening fun.  Contact SHAC for a list of performaners.

Annex Gallery
The ExplainerThursday, January 4, 6-8pm
Leena Nevalainen-Smith:  Soulful Silence
Leena Nevalainen-Smith is a Finnish-born artist, now living in Shaker Heights. She has an interest in the individual human experience. Her favorite subject is people frozen in an emotionally charged moment in time, often inspired by news from around the world. Leena’s medium is relief printing, including linocuts, woodcuts, as well as resingrave engraving.  Show continues through January 26.

I hope to see you browsing at Loganberry soon!


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