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Gene's Jazz HotWe had a rather spectacular turn-out for Gene's Jazz Hot CD release party (thanks in part to great coverage in The Free Times, The Chronicle,, Dee Perry's Around Noon, and a lot of friends and fans).  Aside from our fabulous books, we do seem to be gaining a reputation for great music and happening parties.  The CD is of course available for sale at Loganberry.

pdfClick on the pdf icon to the right for an easy-to-print version of this newsletter.  If you want a poster of any individual event, check out the website or click on the image (I can dream, can't I?).  Some very smart and interesting people are joining us in September to share their stories.  Read on, and come hear them speak!

Larchmere Sidewalk Sale
Sidewalk SaleSaturday, September 2, 11-5pm
Labor Day weekend brings out the bargains on Larchmere Boulevard.  The many shops and services who reside here will display special sales merchandise on the sidewalks and other discounts throughout their retail stores.  Loganberry Books will be offering a 20% off sale, as well as 50% off selected specials on the sidewalk.  We'll even have some obscure old records, magazines, posters, and vintage dresses.  Oh my, you never know what will be on the sidewalk....  but remember  this kind of sale only happens twice a year.

Exciting recent acquisitions
Janet Laura Scott, 1925

  • vintage magazines, including House Beautiful, Fortune, Antiques, Saturday Evening Post, etc. 
  • a complete set of Will Durant's Story of Civilization
  • more Heritage Press!  affordable, good-looking classics
  • a new Arcadia book on the Cleveland Metroparks
  • some nice leather sets, including The Autobiography of Goethe, 1881
  • several Film references encyclopedias
  • Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Book Signing
Clara Reece, c. 1968Clara Reece Day, Breaking the Diamond Ceiling
Saturday, September 16th, 1-3pm
Clara Reece Day is a pioneering woman executive who negotiated trade contracts and joint ventures with the Soviet Bloc and China during the Cold War.  Her story begins in Rumania, heads to London, and then to Cleveland, Ohio.  She met Cyrus Eaton, Jr. on an airplane and was hired to work for his Tower International, negotiating billion-dollar deals and unprecedented international collaborations.  Come hear her anecdotes of the people she met including Nikita Krushchev, George Cukor, Chinese VP Gu Mu, Armand Hammer, and Buckminster Fuller.  “Now in the 21st century,” says Day, “perhaps it is a good time for the new generation to compare—through a small glimpse—what happened in my life in the ‘bad times’ and to what extent the ‘new order’ in the world is better or how it could be improved.  The new generation has every chance to speak up and create a better world.”  Clara Reece Day will give a short presentation, followed by Q&A and a book signing. 
Privately printed in 1999, fifth edition Oberlin, Ohio, 2006.  Spiral bound, 112 pages, $15 

NOBS Forums
Kenneth A. ZirmKenneth A. Zirm: On Reporter Confidentiality
Thursday, September 21, 7pm

Some of the nation’s leading investigative reporters have begun appearing at bookstores across the country to discuss the dangerous increase in efforts to force journalists to reveal their confidential sources.  Kenneth Zirm of Walter and Haverfield LLP and Frank Lewis of the Cleveland Free Times will discuss the background to this civil rights issue, and its legal ramifications.  The presentation will explain the privilege and its history, with the heart of the presentation focusing on why this privilege should matter to the public.  Attendees will learn more background on (a) the history of the privilege, (b) stories that could not have been told but for the use of confidential sources, and (c) the legal bases for the privilege.  Q&A will follow.
Co-sponsored by
The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE), the Media Law Resource Center (MLRC), through a grant from the McCormick Tribune Foundation (MTF). Presented as part of
Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society (NOBS) Forums.

Book Signing
Jan PhillipsJan Phillips, The Art of Original Thinking
Thursday, September 28, 7pm
Want a Better Bottom Line AND a Better World? Finally! A book that confirms what we all knew in our hearts to be true: that capitalism - and indeed the world - can have a social conscience. The Art of Original Thinking is a book about thought leadership.  It's a book that doesn't hide behind the convenient catch-cries of capitalism. It's a book that is concerned, not with what to think, but with how to think. Most importantly, it's a book that embraces your uniqueness and your unique potential to effect positive change through original thinking and thought leadership. When you pick this book up, your single challenge will be to engage in "evolutionary thinking for global good." When you put it down, you'll wonder how you ever thought otherwise. 
Greenleaf Book Group, 2006, hardcover, $24.95 

Book Signing
Les RobertsLes Roberts, We'll Always Have Cleveland
Saturday, September 30th, 1-3pm
When novelist and television producer Les Roberts visited Cleveland in 1986, he never dreamed that he'd find himself so completely won over by the place that he'd give up the glitz of Hollywood and put down roots in this rustbelt city.  It took only a few weeks in Cleveland to convince Roberts that the city was a ripe setting for his next private-eye novel. Then, a chance meeting on an airplane led him to the inspiration for his new character: Milan Jacovich, a tough Slovenian-American sleuth with a master's degree and a taste for klobasa sandwiches and cold Stroh's beer.  The combination proved very successful. Thirteen Milan Jacovich novels resulted, and with each book Roberts drew more heavily on real Cleveland places and people for the authentic local flavor of his stories. In this memoir, Roberts tells how he discovered the heart and soul of a city while fictionalizing it for a series of novels. He writes about his favorite locations and his favorite people. It will appeal to fans of the series, fans of the city, and aspiring novelists who want to learn how one writer took a city and made it his own through fiction.
Gray & Co., 2006, hardback, 192 pp., $24.95

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month
Stump the BooksellerR161: Replica dollhouse
This was a children's book I read repeatedly in the late 1960's but could have dated from earlier. A boy and girl (i believe they were brother and sister) move in to an old mansion. I recall that they weren't too happy about it and were bored. There was an black housekeeper. The house had a few mysteries. One was that the housekeeper's son had come home from war (WWII? Possibly Vietnam) and disappeared. The children were playing/exploring the house one day and found a dollhouse that was an exact replica of the house that they were living in. Later on in the story, they discovered a secret trap door in the bottom of the closet inside the dollhouse. They checked the closet in the real house and sure enough, it also had a trap door--and when it was opened, they found the remains of the missing Joe at the bottom of the stairs, he'd apparently fallen.  I know it's not a lot to go on, but I loved that mystery and would love to find another copy. Thank you!

Gaming Girls
dominoesThursday, August 10, 7pm
Mexican Train, a version of dominoes, is the current game of choice for this monthly endeavor.  New players continue to join us, so the group is merging into an identity all its own.  Come on by and relax with a fun and engaging game of chance (and skill).  No previous experience necessary. 

Annex Gallery
Dawn Pierce Dawn Pierce:  Before Dawn
Thursday, September 7, 6-8pm
This art show is a tribute to some master painters much enjoyed and admired.  Like many artists, Dawn's desire to paint is driven by other artists.  Having met Andy Warhol at a party, she recalls his words that every work of art is not original because it can be traced back to some other image.  The work she has sold is kind of like creating a contact lens of another artist's eye.   How wonderful  that these works will be hanging somewhere besides the artist's own living room.  Show continues through October 2. 

I hope to see you browsing at Loganberry soon!


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