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Sidewalk SaleLarchmere Sidewalk Sale
Saturday, September 3, 10am-6pm

It's time for the annual Labor Day Sidewalk Sale!  We'll have some real bargains out on the sidewalk, some freebies, some kids specials, and 20% off all fiction!  Come check it out on your way downtown for Ingenuity, we're just a block north of the Shaker Square Rapid.  Great things happening all over town this weekend!

Exciting recent acquisitions
Sabuda's Dinosaur
  • Robert Sabuda's new dinosaur pop-up book, Encyclopedia Prehistorica
  • some nice photography books of Hungary, plus some novels in Hungarian
  • golden era actor biographies, and the Kittredge-Players edition of Shakespeare
  • lots of peace books as part of the new UV-protected window display
  • a slew of Patricia Wentworth's mysteries
  • vintage copies of the Five Little Peppers series
  • a beautiful signed first edition of Ansel Adams (NY Graphic Society)
  • more theatre, more history, more fiction, more children's books, more, more, more!

NOBS Forums:  Conversations throughout the Book World
nice old booksShow & Tell
Saturday, September 17th @ 4pm
Bring your biblio treasures and tell us their stories!  Where did they come from, what makes them special, have you ever seen illustrations like this?  We'll each share some gems, and gain some knowledge from the collective group. Meeting will be in the newly finished Literary Arts room (another excuse to come browse!).

NOBS members free; non-members $3

Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month
Stump the BooksellerL155: "Lucy's lump" (ambergris)
I'm looking for a book that I read in the mid-70's, probably published in the 1960's or possibly even late 1950's.  I think it was an elementary reader, written at about the 3rd or 4th grade reading level, with similar illustrations to the Dick and Jane -type books.  The stories (or at least those that I recall) were about a family that was traveling around the U.S., probably in a station wagon.  I think there were 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls). ...  In one of the stories, one of the girls (Lucy) discovers an odd-smelling lump washed up on the beach, dubbed "Lucy's lump" by her siblings.  It turns out to be ambergris, used in making perfumes, and valuable.  She sells it, possibly at a time when the family was short of funds and needed the money?  In another story, the younger girl traces her nickname ("Pudge") on the ice with her skates while skating on a frozen pond or lake.  I think she hates the nickname, but does this as a way of showing her siblings that she can take the joke? Any help is appreciated!

Girlfriends Literary Society
BrownriggThe Woman Who Loved War by Elizabeth Brownrigg
Thursday, September 15th @ 7pm

Suzanne is a journalist who loves the excitement of war and danger.  When she is severly injured in an accident, she believes she can recover by exploring the memories that are hidden in her body.  One memory that she must confront, however, is of a terrible act she committed fifteen years before.  In her search for redemption, Suzanne encounters Rick, a Gulf War veteran who is also haunted by a fatal mistake.

LitArts Progress
SkimStone processWe're getting there!  By the time you visit Loganberry next, we'll probably be done.

Jenny Hitmar and Andrew Kaletta had fun with a new product called SkimStone, which is a very thin tinted cement-like floor treatment.  First we used red and brown, then yellow, and then of course purple.  It warms up the room considerably, and you'll wonder why it didn't always look like this.  But of course you have to see it for yourself.  Come check it out.  Oh, and if you want the chronological history of the room, the evolution so to speak, click on the image to the left (I pulled some photos out of archives for this). 

Annex Gallery
Terry MichelleTerry Michelle
A Woman's Spirituality: In Form and Essence

Opening Reception: Friday, Setempber 2nd @ 6-8pm

Captured moments of area women in touch with their inner selves and higher powers...
Opening Reception is sponsored by Wild Plum Productions and features live performance by local folk band Slackjaw, as well as refreshments.

Larchmere News
Lord and RodgersLoganberry has a new neighbor!  Rodger Daye has moved his shop Lord and Rodger's from the west end of Larchmere to the east end, right next door to Loganberry.  Come see his new shop, featuring European antiques, glass and ceramics, as well as a modest wi-fi cafe to give you an artsy place to hang out with your laptop.

I hope to see you browsing at Loganberry soon!


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