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questionmarkman.jpgCan you guess who that is?  Yes, this is a contest!  But it’s not about the joker in this email, it’s about 30 books in our front window display.  All 30 books feature photographs of their authors on the dust jacket back panel.  We’ve tried to disguise any incriminating evidence, and we’ve picked some great examples of this publicity trend.  Admittedly, 1/3 of the selections are fairly easy, and 1/3 are dastardly difficult.  But you don’t have to identify all of them.  The grand prize winner will win as many books from the display (plus our special stash) as are correctly identified.  Two honorable mentions will win 5 books each from the remaining books.  Contest runs through Labor Day, winners will be notified in early September.  Pick up a contest entry form at Loganberry and try your luck!


sale-purple-s.gifAugust brings our annual fiction sale, but we decided to make it even more exciting this year. Here’s the scoop:

·         30% off all general hardcover fiction

·         20% off all general paperback fiction

·         10% off ALL OTHER BOOKS, including history, philosophy, children’s, art, etc.

Yes, we know there are lots of book sales going on this month, but we don’t want you to forget about Loganberry.  We’re still here, we have approximately 80,000 books for sale, an excellent staff, and we want you to enjoy some great books.  Come check us out, and bring a friend!  Discount cannot be combined with other special offers. 


Recent Acquisitions

·         buckeye.jpgCleveland’s Buckeye Neighborhood, John T. Sabol, 2011

·         Thames: The Biography, Peter Ackroyd, 2007

·         Brown Lord of the Mountain, Irish fiction by Walter Macken, 1995

·         The Forbidden Forest, Darrell Berrigan and John Dominis, 1949

·         The House of Goodyear, Hugh Allen, 1949, 1st ed

·         Messianic Jewish Manifesto, David H. Stern, 1988

·         Welcome to Heights High, Diana Tittle, 1995, signed

·         Exiled: Memoirs of a Camel, Kathleen Karr, 2004

·         New Candle-light Stories, by Veronica S. Hutchinson (editor) and Lois Lenski (illustrator), 1927

·         Making Mischief, A Maurice Sendak Appreciation, Gregory Maguire, 2009

·         Playboy’s Silverstein Around the World, with a foreword by Hugh M. Hefner, 2007

·         Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley, Susan L. Woodward and Jerry N. McDonald, 1986


Stump the Bookseller  Selection of the month

Description: stump.jpgM636: Monsters riding motorcycles
Older collection of stories (maybe 3-5?). One is about monsters that ride motorcycles. One might be (but might not be -- I think it was in the same collection) about blowing oddly shaped bubble gum bubbles. It's a red book.


Annex Gallery  
gall-meili-ducks.jpgHal Retzler
Meili's Acquisitions
Opening Reception:   Thursday, August 4, 6-8pm
When the Communists gained control of China in 1948, one of their goals was to eradicate all forms of ancient culture, including the arts.  With their source of strength coming from the vast peasant population, they set out to produce a new Chinese art: peasant art. Some of the Communist artists, drawing on the skills of the peasants, persuaded them to begin expressing their ideas through painting. This has spread to over 50 peasant painting groups throughout China. The paintings in this show have been collected by Mary Retzler, an exchange student at Fundan University in the 1980s, and her parents, Joanna and Hal Retzler, during six trips to China from 1983 to 1995.  Show continues through August 29.


Gene's Jazz Hot

Gene's Jazz Hot
Thursday, August 11, 7-9pm

~ second Thursdays ~

The band was playing Beethovens Ninth at a sports bar.  Having lots of idle time until the end of the final movement, the basses decided to go get a beer. How will we know when its time to return? one of them asked.  No problem, answered another, well tie a string to the penultimate page of the conductors score, and when he turns the page, Ill feel a tug from the string. So the bass players went off to drink, and when they returned the conductor was most distraught.  And no wonder: it was the bottom of Ninth, the score was tied and the basses were loaded.  Join us for Genes Jazz Hots monthly concert on August 11th.  Donations for the band appreciated. 


N.O.B.S. Forums

type-wood-s.jpgTex Kelly and Frank Underwood:  Men of Type
Thursday, August 18, 7pm
~ third Thursdays ~

As readers, we rarely think about the letters that make up the words of a text. How do they get there? Why do they look the way they do? What is their history?  Join Tex Kelly and Frank Underwood for an evening’s exploration of typography and printing. They will show us examples of early wood and metal type and how letters are put together to make words on a  page. They’ll also regale us with tales from their years as “men of type.”


Classics Club
classics-lewis-s.jpgSinclair Lewis: Elmer Gantry
Thursday, August 25, 7pm

~ fourth Thursdays ~

Universally recognized as a landmark in American literature, Elmer Gantry scandalized readers when it was first published, causing Sinclair Lewis to be "invited" to a jail cell in New Hampshire and to his own lynching in Virginia. His portrait of a golden-tongued evangelist who rises to power within his church--a saver of souls who lives a life of duplicity, sensuality, and ruthless self-indulgence--is also the record of a period, a reign of grotesque vulgarity, which but for Lewis would have left no trace of itself. Elmer Gantry has been called the greatest, most vital, and most penetrating study of hypocrisy that has been written since the works of Voltaire.  —


Larchmere Sidewalk Sale

Saturday, September 3

~Labor Day weekend ~

Our August sale culminates in the biannual Sidewalk Sale, with more mark-downs, bargains, and 20% off all books.  Plus, most Larchmere merchants are having their own sales, so you can make a day of bargain hunting on the Boulevard.  Plus, Larchmere Boulevard has a new Facebook page to promote the various businesses on the street and to keep you informed of group events like this.  What’s not to like?


Hope to see you soon!




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