Mailing List Message #26
From: Angela Newman <>
Subject: AA Registration 2017
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 18:23:10 -0400
To: <>
My application is attached to this email. If I did not provide any
information you may need, please let me know.  Also, I did not know if I
needed to fill out more than one form for both books.  I have a metaphysical
book for children/adults that I would like to sell. But I did not know if I
needed to fill out another form.  
Title: Little Light's Dream. I have in both hardcopy and paperback. Sell for
hard copy: $19.99 and paperback $11.99 ISBN: 9780986405907 & 9780986405914
Blurb: In eternity, Little Light becomes curious and wonders, what it would
be like if it separated from the Great Light. However, Little Light's
curiosity ends in a dream of darkness and finds it is unable to wake up from
the dream. Lost in the dream and separate from the Great Light, Little Light
is joined by other little lights. Will Little Light ever wake up? Find out
in Little Light's Dream and see if desires really do come true. Little
Light's Dream is the first series of the Dream Books inspired by A Course in
If I can add this as well please let me know.
Thank you,
Angela Newman
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