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Dorothy Kunhardt

Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather

The Best of Dorothy Kunhardt

reprint version

Dorothy Kunhardt is a very influential American author of children's books designed to be read to small children. When most children's books were moralistic young adult novels, Kunhardt was writing books like Junket is Nice and Pat the Bunny with handwritten text, funny repetitious words, and things to touch and feel inside the books. She used "noble nonsense that, like Lear's, could be at once ridiculous and poignant" (Bader, 71).

Bader, Barbara. American Picture Books: From Noah's Ark to the Beast Within (Macmillan, 1976).

Junket is Nice is a hot item among collectors, but Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather ranks right up there with the Baby Boomer memories of kid books.  Consequently, I have many requests for both, and am always seeking these titles.  The 2000 reprint of Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather has gone out of print, again.  Alas.

* designates a title still in print
Brave Mr. Buckingham.  Harcourt Brace, 1935.
Gas Station Gus.  Illustrated by Janina Domanska. Harper & Brothers, 1962.
Junket is Nice.  Harcourt Brace, 1933.  Reprinted by Bookstore Press in 1980 as *Pudding is Nice.
*Kitty's New Doll.   LGB  #210-63, 1984.
Little Ones.  Illustrated by Kurt Wiese.  Viking, 1935.
Little Pee Wee, the Circus Dog, or, Now Open the Box.  Illustrated by J.P. Miller.  LGB #52, 1948.
Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather. Illustrated by J.P. Miller. Harcourt Brace, 1935.  Simon and Schuster, 1951. LGB #122
Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather and Other Funny Stories: The Best of Dorothy Kunhardt.  Illustrated by J.P. Miller and Garth Williams. Golden Press, 1973.  A Big Golden Book.
Now Open the Box.  Harcourt Brace, 1934. 
Once There Was a Little Boy.  Illustrated by Helen Sewell.  Viking, 1946.
*Pat the Bunny.  Golden Books, 1940. A Touch and Feel Book.
The Scarebunny (retitled The Friendly Bunny).  Illustrated by Kathy Wilburn.  LGB #209-59 and #209-61, 1985. 
The Telephone Book.  Golden Books.  Reissued 1998.  A Touch and Feel Book.
Tiny Animal Stories.  Illustrated by Garth Williams.  Simon and Schuster, 1948.  12 Tiny Golden Books in a box.
Tiny Nonsense Stories.  Illustrated by Garth Williams.  Simon and Schuster, 1949.  12 Tiny Golden Books in a box.
Wise Old Aard-Vark.  Viking, 1936.

Dr Dick


Tiny Animal Stories.
Illustrated by Garth Williams. 
Simon and Schuster, 1948. 
12 Tiny Golden Books in a box.
The Baby Camel & His Naughty Father
The Baby Hippopotamus's Adventure
Brave Father Gorilla
Hop, Hop Little Kangaroo
The Little Giraffe Wants to Play
Little Leopard and His Fat Stomach
Look Out Baby Bears, Here He Comes!
"Meow," Said the Fierce Baby Lion
Shame on You, Baby Whale!
Tiger Kitten's Poor Poor Tail
Two Stuck-in-the-Mud Rhinoceroses
Why the Elephant Got Spanked
Tiny Nonsense Stories. 
Illustrated by Garth Williams.
Simon and Schuster, 1949. 
12 Tiny Golden Books in a box.
April Fool!
The Cowboy Kitten 
The Easter Bunny 
Happy Valentine
Little Squirrel's Santa Claus
Mrs. Sheep's Little Lamb
The Naughty Little Guest
Poor Frightened Mr. Pig
Roger Mouse's Wish
The Two Snowbulls
Uncle Quack
The Wonderful Silly Picnic

Now Available for Sale

Used Books

Dr. Dick.  Illustrated by Fritz Siebel.  Harper and Row, 1962.  Probable first edition.  Harper Crest Library Binding (pictorial covers), but no library stamps whatsoever.  VG.  $16

Little Ones.  Illustrated by Kurt Wiese.  Viking Press, 1935.  First edition.  Previous owner's inscription on front free endpaper.  Slight wear to extremities.  Lovely interior.  VG.  $38

Little Peewee and Sylvester.  Two books in one - Little Peewee, or Now Open the Box by Dorothy Kundhart and Sylvester, The Mouse with the Musical Ear, by Adelaide Holl. Golden Press, 1967. Hardcover. Previous owner's inscription inside front cover. Pages clean and bright. Spine slightly faded. VG. $10.00


New Books
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Kitty's New Doll.  Random House, 2004. New hardcover, $2.99

Pat the Bunny.  Golden Books, 1940, 1968.  A Touch and Feel Book.  $9.99


Hey, where's my favorite title?

Out-of-print books are harder to stock than new books, and some are hard to find, period.  If the title you are seeking is not listed for sale above, that probably means that I am currently out of stock.  However, I am always on the lookout for books, and will gladly quote you when I do find your coveted book. To add your name to my Wants Files, simply fill out a Book Request Form and I will e-mail you when I have a copy in stock.  Thanks.

Book Request Form


I am looking for a book that I enjoyed as a child but only know the title, it is Miss Ticklefeather. I think it may have been a Little Golden Book but not sure. I probably had the book in the early 1950's. I hope you may be able to help me find this book. I would like for my children and grandchildren to read it.

I recently found refernce to this book on teh web for $325. This price I found is pretty much out of my league right now, but I would love to find a less than perfect edition of the book at a lower range. Thank you for any help.

I'd like to find this book for my mother for Christmas, it is one of her favorites.

i would to have this book - i read on your web site someone bought it or saw it for sale at $325.00 - is it possible you could find it for less? thanks you

My sister and I spent many pleasurable hours and years reading this book.  In fact we remember it being the only book we had as children - so it means a lot to us to try to get a copy.  Thanks for your help

I can't believe I saw this book available on two different sites within this month.  I have been looking for it forever. 

I remember a Little Golden Book about a Victorian lady with high button shoes who lived in a Victorian home with gingerbread trim.  It had a black wrought iron fence around the yard and the trim on the house was a bright pink and white.  I wish I could find that book again.  It was full of wonderful color and design.

Dorothy Kunhardt, Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather.  I thought the memory of this book only resided in my mind.  How amazing to find a handful of others who also have searched for this book!  A special club we are indeed!  Would love to own a copy of it, old, new, reprinted, whatever. PLEASE let me know when one becomes available! Thanks for keeping the flame lit on our childhood memories!

Child's book, late fifties/early sixties, middle aged woman who lives alone in a high rise apartment with pet bird who flies away and then returns or is returned to her at the end...with lovely colorful illustrations...  The book is NOT Petey's Parrot or Mrs. Tortino's return to the sun.
Dorothy Kunhardt, Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather
.  This might be the one- there's a picture at this site under "Most Requested Books" so you could look there to see if the illustrations match the ones you remember.
Dorothy Kunhardt, Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather, 1951, reprint.  Thank you.  I hope I can find a copy.

As a child, I simply remember this was my favorite book. Think it was a Golden Book about little old woman, big bird, and sunflowers. The bird disappears, but has gone to get sunflower for old woman (or something to that effect was the storyline as I can best recall).

I remember a Little Golden Book about a victorian lady with high button shoes, who lived in a victorian home with gingerbread trim. It had a black wrough iron fence around the yard and the trim on the house was a bright pink, and white. I wish I could find that book again. It was full of wonderful color and design.

Hi- I just discovered your web site in searching for Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather. I own LMT - but am putting on a play of the story with my kindergarten class. I wanted to see what was "out there" about that lovely book. Anyway, I love your site!

Since I enjoyed Junket is Nice I would look forward to reading Lucky Mrs. Tickelfeather.

I am interested in obtaining a copy of this book.  There is no price listed.  Please inform me of the price-new/ and or old so that I can make a decision.  Thanks in advance!  I am delighted to have finally found that such a book exists rather then just a figment of past memories.  When I discussed this book none of my peers had any recall. Did coming from the east coast influnce the sale of this particular
Golden Book?

Maybe somebody would reprint Junket is Nice. Wonder how one goes about seeing about that.

I was so excited to see that there was really a book called Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather. I tried to find it before on the web but nothing came up. It is one of the only books that I can remember from my early childhood. Before first grade. If there are any newer copies out there I would be interested in buying one.

Dorothy Kunhardt, Mrs. Ticklefeather.  I am astounded at all of us who remember her so well,and yes I too have been looking fo the book . She has had a profond effect on me as a child I remember her as a mother figure to me.She was perfect! i want to share her with my grandson.

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