Author Alley is an annual gathering and book fair of local authors held outdoors at Loganberry Books. The day coincides with the annual Larchmere Festival, a street festival that features antiques and collectibles, entertainment, and community camaraderie. As a merchant of the street, what better contribution can we make than to celebrate the local literati? All local writers are eligible, from self-published to national blockbusters.
Our confirmed list for 7/1/17

Susan Amari – A Calculated Guess
Derf Backderf -- Trashed
Sarah Beebe – Hunt for the Missing Rainbow
Janice Blanton -- The Appalachian Collection
Christopher Bowen – When I Return To You, I Will Be Unfed
Robert Brown – This Is Where I Live: Cleveland People and Their Neighborhoods
John C. Bruening – The Midnight Guardian: Hour of Darkness
Zoe Burton – Matches Made at Netherfield: A Pride & Prejudice Novel Variation
Andrea Campbell – Beautiful Journey
Lauren Cecile -- Eyes Like Mine
Dr. Lisa C. Chavers – The Rhythm of Relationships
Angela Crook -- Fat Chance
Michael DeAloia -- Lost Cleveland
Christopher Franke -- As The Caffeine Kicks In
Carolyn Frankel -- Be Like Rachel
Debra Gaskill -- Love Fitz
Erika Gifford – Some Girls Like Dragons
Deborah Hill -- The Power of Encouragement
Melissa Hintz – On Chagrin Boulevard
Annie Hogsett -- Too Lucky To Live
Sara Holbrook -- The Enemy
Jane Huml – Summer In Jane’s Garden
W. Dennis Keating – A Brief History of Tremont
Lake Erie Ink Teen Writers -- Home/Away From Home
Angelia Lee – Dana Arches and the Secret of the Monarch’s Mask
Terri Libenson – Invisible Emmie
Nancy Loyan – Wishes and Tears
Marin McGinnis -- Tempting Mr. Jordan
Dana McSwain – Winter’s Gambit
Angela Newman – Sunny Sandy: The Case of the Missing Shoe
Gail Nyoka – Star’s Reflection
Lauren Pacini – Preserving the Shaker Parklands
Laura Peskin – Deep Cover Cleveland
D. M. Pulley – The Buried Book
Linda Robertson -- Jovienne
Calvin Rydbom – Akron
Michael Salinger -- Bear in the Kitchen
Irene Shaland – The Dao of Being Jewish
Tricia Springstubb -- Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe
Sam Thomas -- The Midwife and the Assassin
Megan Whalen Turner – Thick As Thieves
Brandan Whitt -- Camp 67
Douglas William Woods – The Floorshow
Ladosha Wright -- Curly Hair Adventures
Saturday, July 1, 2017, 12pm-4pm
In the driveway, or "Author Alley," of Loganberry Books (or indoors in case of rain)
13015 Larchmere Boulevard
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
Participation is free for both authors and audience.
Download the Registration Form in Word Doc or PDF format.
The Larchmere Festival is more than a day of bargains and goodies, but of neighbors, festivities, workshops and camaraderie. Tucked into corners and lots up and down the boulevard are dealers of vintage goods, antiques, art, and collectibles, with an additional community garage sale lot for the bargain hunters. Music, workshops, chess, and food enliven the festival flair. For more information, visit www.larchmere.com.


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