About the Artist

(1899-1965) Born in Russia, Boris Artzybasheff fled to the United States with the advent of the Russian Revolution in 1919. Upon arrival, he spoke no English and had no money, but quickly found a job in a New York engraver’s workshop. Once he had saved up enough money, though, he embarked on what was to be a life-long career as a freelance illustrator. In the following years, he worked prolifically in the booming advertising and mass periodical market, creating over 200 covers for TIME magazine alone. He also illustrated 50 books. His work is characterized by robust lineality and a frequent surrealistic bent, blending mechanical and organic to express the way in which contemporary human life exists inextricably with technology.

Loganberry Legacy

One of my favorite classic black-and-white illustrators, although of course he did more than that. Gay-Neck won the Newbery Award in 1928, but I think his best work is in The Fairy Shoemaker.



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